A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub This book reveals the mystery behind dreams and out-of-body experiences, and provides the tools to. A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams (一个星体之游及梦课程) by Belsebuub is now available as an ebook in Traditional Chinese, on our. The first course organized by subject that was run on the original website was Belsebuub’s free introductory course covering a variety of topics.

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Importantly, the book also teaches how to overcome common obstacles that prevent people from being successful in astral projection, and how to best prepare onself for night time astral projection practice during the day, so that we have clear and objective experiences of the astral plane when we project there.

I had heard about them, and though never doubted the reality of out-of-body experiences, I thought you had to be someone special to have them. If you follow the dreamw described, you have high probabilitu to have the astral experince within that period of time.

Once he finds himself faced with negative energy he will call upon whatever he deep in his heart truly believes in and in whatever way he has conditioned his subconscious to deal with similar kinds of challenges. An extraordinary book that guides the reader week beosebuub week to learn and actually experience the astral plane. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. An early Mysticweb brochure advertising the Astral Travel and Dreams course when the course was still 8 weeks long.

Very eye-opening and invaluable. The beauty of the program is that it is simple, straightforward, and practical. Visit our Help Pages.


He states this work can liberate one from the cycles of death and rebirth, allow beldebuub to incarnate their inner Being, and attain higher states of consciousness. Aug 06, Gabrielle rated it it was amazing. Before I found this course, My copy of this book is falling apart because I have used it so much! We hope that the incredible knowledge base that Belsebuub shares and explains in this ebook will provide a great resource to explore the wonders of the astral through own out of body explorations.

I can still remember when I received this book in and was so inspired by it’s content.

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He has been teaching groups of people to Astral project sinceconducting lectures, study groups, and Internet courses. Trivia About A Course in Astra He is the founder and coordinator of the global metaphysical school Gnosticweb. You can actually view a video of this on his youtube channel. Michelle rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Ok, so before I bought this book, I was highly unfamiliar with the term “Astral” or even “out-of-body experiences”.

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Learning about self knowledge and ane it into practice has brought about many experiences in the belsebuug and in the physical world that have inspired me to continue to pursue the experience of spirituality in my life and share it with others, especially through Mystical Life Publications.

Open Preview See a Problem? I am very thankful personally that th This book is a most practical and efficient guide that one could ask for. If you actually try the techniques given and give them the attention they require, you will astral project, there is not doubt about that.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub Now Available in Chinese |

After reading this book and following it with the online course I had my first conscious obes since being a child. As a novice on such topics, but having had “experiences” with both, I ajd keeping an open mind to the possibilities that Belzebuub knows of what he speaks, as well as the point of reference needed asrtal communicate effectively to an inexperienced audience. Sometimes you are given several techniques to try and learn, other times, it is just one technique.


One part of the book that I strongly value is the dream symbols guide. To get the free app, enter mobile phone number. After the first few lessons, I got the impression that I would not be wasting my time if I practiced these techniques – an intuitive hunch: Also, it’s worth mentioning it looks as though it will be amd as a free eBook in the future.

A Course in Astral Travel and Dreams by Belsebuub Now Available in Chinese

Personally, I work a lot with Sanskrit mantras and that’s what i tend to use spontaneously most frequently – it works for me. Another important point that separates this book from the rest is that it is hands on.

The author explains clearly the meaning and logic behind these experiences and also gives an insight into the potential spiritual benefits that may be gained from becoming proficient at astral travelling.

My copy of this book is falling apart because I have used it so much! Leave this field bepsebuub. So I highly recommend this book: I love the content of the book in every way. Yonisia on November 6, at 2: Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. This book is fantastic!