Christie_Postern-of-Fate This was Agatha Christie’s farewell to Tommy and Tuppence, the fun-loving Jazz Age adventurers currently back on. Posted in hit on the back of the head, poison by Christie’s Fan . Perhaps it is just simply the fate that this is the last book written by Agatha Christie Mallowan. Postern of Fate, the Desert Gate, Disaster’s Cavern, Fort of Fear. Postern of Fate: A Tommy and Tuppence Mystery (Tommy & Tuppence Mysteries ) [Agatha Christie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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During the Second World War, Christie worked in the pharmacy at University College Hospital of University College, London, where she acquired a knowledge of poisons that she put to good use in her post-war crime novels. Christie’s old age she was over 80 when fatw wrote this really shows in this book as some things don’t really add up in the end.

It’s about Tuppence reading books and finding a long-lost mystery. I suppose I should knuckle down and write an interminable blog essay about it. The next year, she became the President of the Detection Club.

Even though I wish that the mystery had been more complex and resolved better, I enjoyed the tantalizing premise and charming characters enough to rate this book three stars.

Flying Tiger Comics 9 November at You are commenting using your Twitter account. But don’t decide to never read it if you’ve read most of her stuff, because not everything has to be ‘And Then There Were None’ to be worth reading, and Christie’s worst is still more entertaining than a lot of other people’s best.


How devastated she would be at the destruction of the archaeological treasures of the Middle East that she helped to excavate. And therein lies the problem: After this, the book simply degenerates into mindless, incoherent rambling so much so as you have absolutely no clue what people are even talking about.

Her dialogue was the main bone of contention I had and much of it bored me to tears.

I was always intrigued by the corruption of youth theme which seemed to course through her later books. I have yet to find anyone and I include two Christie biographers who can explain the plot of Passenger To Frankfurt to me.

Her publisher’s should have just pretended to lose chtistie, just to save her some face. This change, along with the use of indeterminate words and repetitiveness, are indicative of Alzheimer’s diseasealthough Christie was never diagnosed with the disorder.

POSTERN OF FATE () by Agatha Christie | Tipping My Fedora

Why was someone trying to kill Tuppence 60 years after the fact? It’s all a bit wishy washy and there’s no clear resolution, which is odd for Christie. Maurice Richardson in The Observer of 11 November was positive in his review: Can you guess what happens cheistie Know what I mean?

Postern of Fate

It is a historical crime story, taking us to the mysteries of a particular series of murders in world war 2. What really confuses me is that the age of this mystery is continually stressed, and our detectives are even led to visit an old people’s home for clues.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The last of the Tommy and Tuppence books from Ms. Though the ending never made any sense to me — the bad guy unveiled, I mean. Create a agqtha website or blog at WordPress.

Notes On Postern of Fate | Christie In A Year – Extended

Nonetheless, how old was she when she died, who killed her and where she would have been buried are another story to be written. There is no way I can twist chrietie novel to claim it is a good, or even coherent, book. I also enjoyed N or M. There’s a whole list Tuppence makes full of “clues” and many of them are never answered or even touched upon.

I think I have read everything she wrote, and often re-read, but would always pick up another one rather than Postern of Fate. Some conversations seem to be repeated again and again, before any action takes place.

On the other hand, Boldicott is indiscreet about things and talks too much. She deciphers it and realises that a mystery is awaiting: Best and easily forgotten. Then, the big twist comes halfway through the book.