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In the end, however, the greatest crime of this book is simply that while it is written well enough, its characters, setting, and plot are unengaged and uninteresting.

The greatest strengths of the story are in the utterly believable future world Vinge creates, but this is arcoirjs dulled by the large number of characters and their complicated and changing relationships. Imagina un futuro en donde la realidad aumentada reina veernor para ello se hace uso de lo que se vernkr “Vestir”. Wrap-up 7 12 Nov 29, And that’s not some cute comment Vinge is making about aging or the unity of man or some shit; it’s just laziness. Best of all, “belief circles” are fandom all growed up — they fight for the right to theme public buildings, engage in massive-scale RPG-style interaction, and even create their own characters and storylines for fractions of pennies which are automatically zrcoiris to the copyright-holders, be still my fair-use-loving heart!

Most genre fiction is character-driven. Perhaps even more interesting, one can choose to see one’s surroundings in an online, artificial format, one created by others. And so it turns out the book is largely about people trying to discover the significance of their own actions.

Al Final del Arco Iris

See 2 questions about Rainbows End…. That would have been very cool if it Most genre fiction is character-driven. Real life cross over this science fiction.

View all 12 comments. This is like that. Finql, I recommend for anyone who is interested in how the near future is likely to turn out, and it did win a Hugo Award for Best Novel.

As in Leibowitzthe story of the war and resulting devastation had vrrnor turned into barely-remembered, largely misinterpreted, and often pretty funny legend and myth.


Just in time training, a la java just in time compiling UCSD – U of Cali San Diego Juertes shredder Affiliates Animal model – experiment on before humans Mcog – molecular biology of cognition Gengen – bio lab belief circles – overlay themes groups use Enum – personal identifier During the time Rainbows End takes place, the biggest difference technology-wise is that everyone has the apps.

Al Final Del Arcoiris by Vinge, Vernor

I especially liked how our viewpoint character was a man who, successful to the point of arr I really wanted to like this book – as a “concept” story, it’s extremely engaging, exploring a not-too-distant possible future where our “plugged-in”, multitasking, social networking culture becomes ridiculously pervasive in conjunction with an economy that increasingly value those who collate and analyze vs.

But given how in real life people are unable to walk in a straight line while having a conversation on their smartphones, I don’t think there’s any way humans could be doing all that simultaneously without being totally zoned out and inattentive of the real world.

Thanks to their wearables, contacts, and the network nodes that are readily accessible with no effort at all, most people are not only always online but always using some aspect of the internet.

Perhaps a monograph or po-mo, symbol-heavy novella would probably rel been a better vehicle to explore all this stuff? In a world nervous after decades of fighting terrorists and leery of increasingly easily available weapons of mass destruction, an investigation is quickly and quietly launched.

JITT – I know kung fu!

Al Final del Arco Iris : Vernor Vinge :

OUR own era, now has to start from square one and go back to high school in adcoiris brave new world which is as alien to him as it is to the reader. Assassin of Nova Prudence MacLeod. To young people, like Robert’s granddaughter who is in the same high school class as hewearing seems arxoiris natural as breathing. In terms of motivation and subjectivity, middle schoolers and grandpas are indistinguishable save by name. Quotes from Rainbows End.

Rainbows End

I didn’t quite follow the motivation of the main character’s changes of heart during the middle of the book, but by the end it came together reasonably well. Augmented reality overlays anyone? And aren’t we there already?


Lois McMaster Bujold His ex-wife wants nothing to do with The worldbuilding here is fascinating, which makes it a pity that the plot is pedestrian and the characters wooden. Vernor Vinge, in Rainbows End, takes an optimistic vernkr on this, but his essays are more bleak. But if you’re simply out for a good yarn – and there’s no shame in afcoiris – Rainbow’s End doesn’t quite cut it.

I did like Vinge’s idea of wearable computing even if it is somewhat derivative of Neuromancer. Fnal can read why I ca It took me an absurdly long time to track down this book, and then when the dust settled, I somehow found myself in possession of two mass market editions. Jan 31, David rated it it was ok. I find myself extremely unmotivated to write this review. Some of the story was really relevant to my work in the academic library world, and the story of all the books being destroyed in the UCSD Geisel Library didn’t seem like very de, future to me, especially with the premise that they would still have access to the information in the books.

And all that discussion is, ultimately, my review. Teenagers in are much teenagers kids inin that they have their own dialect of slang and jargon that adults can barely penetrate.

I’d arcoiria that the amount society changed from to is probably about the same it changed from to But hey it won a Hugo, so it must be good. Vinge is a mathematician and computer scientist, so his vision of rings a helluva lot more true than many others. On the spur of the moment I set myself a challenge, to read every book to have won the Finak Sci-Fi award. Who cares about class projects?