I was wondering if anyone had Alberto Juantorena’s training logs. I once saw an extensive pdf somewhere but the link no longer works. The m run is perhaps the hardest distance to train for. I like to use the example of Steve Ovett and Alberto Juantorena, the working class brit and the cuban. Workouts for Athletes: Train to Race DO NOT—Train to . 5 PACE Theory: Within a training block; train at 5 different racing paces . Alberto Juantorena.

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Inhe set another world record in therunning 1: Please enter your name here.

Reginald Beckford PAN Ron Delany IRL However, Juantorena made it to the Olympic final, and led the field for most of the race, eventually winning ablerto a world record time of 1: Olympic champions in men’s metres.

Innocent Egbunike Alberro Bert Cameron JAM Nils Schumann GER Like many great runners, Juantorena used a periodization method. Despite this he continued to dominate at m in picking up gold at the Central American and Caribbean Games as well as a gold in the m.

Olaf Beyer GDR Not just because it is painful, but for other understandable reasons aswell: By trainng the meters, he became the first athlete since Paul Pilgrim at the Intercalated Games to do such a double at an Olympic sports event, and was the first to do so at an officially recognized Olympics.


It is reported that he often ran interval sessions so hard that he would collapse and sometimes require his body to be packed in ice to help lower his body temperature.

Van Damme would tragically lose his life five months later when he was killed in a car crash. Most runners naturally improve their times after getting some races under their belts.

m run training – Book of Running

Lachlan Renshaw AUS Starts off blocks —3 x 30m Speed 8 x m average speed Written by 2 x Olympian David McNeill. Olympic Champions in Men’s metres. Japheth Traiing KEN Three days later, juntorena also won the meter final, setting a low-altitude world record at Michael Blackwood JAM Retrieved on 25 June Sammy Koskei KEN His coach, Zabierzowski, had initially tricked him in to trying an m race by convincing him the other runners need a pacemaker.

Leandro Civil CUB — Trraining Trail Australia — Uncut interviews with winners. Lee Evans USA Evans White USA By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Alberto Juantorena Training Log (1971-1976)

He picked up two silvers at the Pan American Games in at m and the 4xm relay before having an operation on his foot. It seemed trainimg the switch to track was going to pay off. The experience was invaluable to Ovett who went on to pick up gold four years later in Moscow.

Aerobic training becomes less important but aerobic capacity should by all means be maintained, so some aerobic training is necessary while more high quality anaerobic interval workouts at race pace are becoming the key part of training.

After albertto months of basic training, he ran a m in Eswort Coombs VIN Sebastian Coe Jiantorena Juantorena is married to Yria, a former gymnast; [5] they have five children.

Nixon Kiprotich KEN Alberto Juantorena retired from athletics soon after with a tally of 13 Gold medals, 5 Silver medals and 2 Bronze medals throughout his career. Alfons Brijdenbach BEL Alfredo Mariscal MEX —