View and Download Alphasmart NEO 1 user manual online. Alphasmart NEO 1: User Guide. NEO 1 Laptop pdf manual download. Also for: Neo 2. View and Download Alphasmart NEO user manual online. Alphasmart NEO: User Guide. NEO Laptop pdf manual download. View and Download Alphasmart NEO user manual online. Alphasmart NEO: User Guide. NEO Keyboard pdf manual download. Also for: Neo 2.

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View Keyboard Layout Shows you the layout of keys on the keyboard with the currently selected layout. Press any key to exit.

When you settle on the word you prefer, scroll to select from the synonyms AlphaWord Plus presents, then press 6. This publication is protected by US and international copyright laws. If you want to follow these steps, make sure you retrieve any files you need and complete all KeyWords instruction before updating the NEOs.

If you already have an account on the Renaissance Learning Web site, you can log in; if nei, choose to create a new account.

The lithium battery provides power to the memory and prevents manaul loss when the unit is turned off manua when the batteries are dead or removed.

This manual also for: When all students are done, connect the NEO s to your computer again see page 7 and start QuizManager.

This document may be reproduced only by staff members in schools that have purchased the NEO nneo. The display shows a picture representing the amount of battery power left and a message showing the percentage. You can save the file from here see page 88 or click Close to close the window and return to AlphaSmart Manager. Eighty percent of alphasmatt problems can be solved by email or over the phone.


Selecting Text Selecting text When you select text on your Neo, the selection appears highlighted in reverse; that is, text within a selection is light and the background is dark.

You can print it if you wish; on Alpphasmart computers, you can save it. The Memory column shows both the amount of memory in use by SmartApplets on your Neo and the amount of memory needed for the SmartApplets you want to install.

In the File areatype the text you want to transfer, or paste or drag the text from another program. If you know exactly which files you want to save, check those files in the File Contents list 2.

Page When I press a key, the wrong letter appears on the screen. Clearing and deleting files The contents of each file remain on Neo until you explicitly remove them. International And Special Characters International and special characters International and special characters The following tables show the international and special characters that Neo supports and the keyboard combination required to generate each character. Finding And Opening Files To open a file that you know is in one of the eight active files, press the appropriate file key.

NEO 2 will list your options. Review the points that the program gave students automatically. Press the file key for the file you want to clear to open that file. The receiving Neo accepts it as a linked file. To continue and allow the clipboard to be overwritten, press enter.


How t o Change the Font Si ze 1. Page – About the Optional Rechargeable Batterie When it alphasjart to NEO, the manual is referring to both models.


As key for the workspace you want to work in. Press caps loc 5. You can also use linked files for other purposes.

Insert the three AA batteries into the compartment. Neo has a sticky keys setting that lets you turn this behavior off while typing. Note, however, that AlphaSmart Manager can only reset the font size to the system font four lines onscreen.

You can also 1. NEO in top condition: Storing And Recharging Neos Well-maintained rechargeable batteries from AlphaSmart last about charges, or about three years. Press esc to exit the screen and return to your file.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Alphasmart NEO User Manual

Click Unassign in the Teacher Responder dialog box. Responder SmartApplet again and repeat these steps. Try these measures to solve the problem: Conditioning the Batteries To condition the batteries, follow these steps: Keyboard Commands And Special Characters Keyboard Commands and This appendix provides lists of keyboard commands and information and tables that show you how to enter international and special characters using your Neo.

Using The Thesaurus 1.