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Anfient Cultures The people belonging to this culture used small tools and weapons made of stone in which the stone blade occupied an important position.

It seems that most of them knew th6 art of copper smelting. Neolithic sites in Allahabad district are noted for the cultivation of rice in the sixth r.e.sharma B.

But it is the indigenous product of tha Indus region, and does not show any connection with the scripts of Western Asia.

In the case of India it started about B C, and continued u. The Vedic Samhitas were followed by the composition of a series of texts known as the Br’ahmanas. The urban people of the Indus I region also needed and used weights and mea- ; sures for trade and other transactions. They produced two types of wheat and barley.

In Malwa and Rajasthan stylized bull terracottas show that the hcert served as a religious cult. Since Britain ruled over India for a long time, British officials succeeded m transferring many of the Indian coins to private and public collections in that country.

In the later phases of the Harappan culture, some exotic tools and pottery indicate the slow percolation of new peoples m the Indus basin. Certified BuyerJhansi.


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However, a few fertile oases scattered ancieent the desert weie settled, and horn early times It has been possible to cross the deseit by means of camels.

A figure of the mother goddess similar to that found in Western Asia r.s.shzrma been found in Inamgaon. But there is a large number of coins which have yet to be catalogued and published.

Sanskrit was adopted as an epi- graphic medium in the second century A. Here’s how terms and conditions apply. We have also in that region a large number of inscriptions recorded on the walls of the temples to serve as permanent records. It is evident that those who possessed these objects were affluent The dates, which have been scientifically established, show that this phase of culture was not older than B.

Roads cut across one another almost at right angles; and the city was divided into so many blocks.

Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The Upper Palaeolithic phase was less humid. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? D mention many Indian ports and enumerate items of trade between India and the Roman empire.

This is true of almost all Indus settlements regardless of size. The Vedic people may have used the copper mines of Khetri in Rajasthan. Important powers fought for the possession of these plains and valleys.

In the day-to-day administration, the king was assisted by a few functionaries. Occasionally their houses were made of mud bricks, but mostly these were construc- ted with wattle ncertt daub, and seem to have been thatched houses. Almost cvciy Vedie text contains invia, which generally appear at its beginning oi end but are not rare in its middle The Rig Veda mainly contains prayets, while the later Vedlc texts mainly comprise not only prayeisbut also rituals, magic and anciebt stories.


Answered May 24, Phases in the Palaeolithic Age The Old Stone or the Palaeolithic Age in India is divided into three phases according to the nature of the stone tools used by the people and also according to the nature of change in the climate. The eastern part of the peninsula is bounded by the Coro- rnandal coast.

They set up their capital at Hastinapur situated in the district of Meerut. It is difficult to estimate the beginnings of the Palaeolithic Age, It is said that in the world context human remains associated with stone tools are as old as 3 5 million years.

The principal tools are varieties of scrapers made of flakes. We can notice differences in ncegt forms of pottery and implements.

Full text of “Ancient India RS Sharma NCERT”

Almost all chalcolithic communities used black- and-red wheel-turned pots. Don’t read much into political history. Palaeolithic sites have also been discovered in Kashmir The chips of stone were pebbles used for hunting, cutting and other purposes In this nvert man barely managed to gather lus food and Jivod on hunting.

Weights and Measures The knowledge of script must have helped the recording of private property and the keeping of accounts. Latex they used footwheels to turn up pots.