Anna Rountree was caught up in a tremendous vision of Heaven. While there, she was taught by angels & met Jesus himself. Anna Rountree provides readers . The Heavens Opened: Revealing a Fresh Vision of God’s Love for You [Anna Rountree] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Rountrees’ . The Heavens Opened has 45 ratings and 5 reviews. Michelle said: If you haven’t figured me out yet, you should be able to tell from the books I read, that.

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He had a crew cut and wore white armbands with a red cross on each band. The real church is more agile than the battering ram. David Raphael rated it it was amazing May 29, I was hoping he’d become less formal. She appeared to be a child of about five or six years old, but rountrde was shining.

The instructor was clearing the transparent board as we reached the top.

Trivia About The Heavens Opened. I knew what he meant, however, so I changed the subject.

I kept my eyes on the stairs. There is a place where travelers rest, And lay their heads in peace. In the sand were all manner of red and blue children’s buckets and shovels. This angel looked very womanly and had a soft light coming from her head area. I turned and sat up to face her.

You will be able to see how effectively the enemy eroded belief in the Lord’s gracious provision of health.


This amazing and utterly supernatural anointing lasted for several months, and then it was gone. Both city and wall were the color of the sand and seemed to be half sunk into it, almost reclaimed by the sand from which they had come.

Sometimes a stunt person will need one of us all by him or herself, but usually we can handle five. I lay back on the grass, for I was weary and still recovering from my experience at the sand pile. It was green with red letters: Mark rated it liked it Nov 18, It picked up tremendous speed as it plunged down side of the hill into a deep valley. We too left suddenly. Her eyes were an intense blue. A book that will melt your heart with God’s heart of love and give you a glimpse of spiritual warfare in the spiritual realm!

At that time He spoke to me several promises that related to my life on earth.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

Why Rounteee gave it and why the anointing lifted, I never understood. Clara began to make her way to the front of the auditorium. It was then that I noticed another pair of feet beside mine. You might get wobbly doing that. With a mighty effort, I completed the stairs and neavens to make sure I had indeed escaped. There are to be many, many with the gift of healing this time around.

Their instructor was on an elevated platform before a gigantic, clear board that looked similar to lucid plastic. Matrishica rated it it was amazing Feb 15, Apr 11, Michelle Simpson rated it it was amazing. Heather turned to me. Breathless from shock, I clawed with my hands and dug with my feet into the deep sand of the hill in order to reach the top and watch its path. I suppose, being on the path, you always expect to arrive in the throne room?


I could feel power emanating from him. I was still heaving from running. We want the full impact of their answers to hit you together. Apr 19, Thomas Blake rated it liked it. By following His leading, He directs you to the hidden stairs.

The Heavens Opened

Paperbackpages. Refresh and try again. Around his waist was a silver belt from which hung a silver coin exchanger. A strange silence fell.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

I did not want to admit it, but she was right. As the battering ram rolled past, I tried to openfd my breath and settle myself. I could not tell. It was as though God healed everyone for whom I prayed. Suddenly an angel began to fly beside me. The pool was at the base of a high, terraced waterfall.