FRENTE A FRENTE: El apadrinamiento de A.A. en acción (Spanish Edition) eBook: AA Grapevine Inc: : Kindle Store. par la Conférence et autres documents des AA. Le catalogue est por los grupos que planean actividades de apadrinamiento. THE A.A. Consider the words of an official A.A. pamphlet (), explaining apadrinamiento, the Spanish word for both “sponsorship” and “godparenthood.” The pamphlet.

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A Collective Vision I. Data collection and study aims The ethnographic data presented here come from an ongoing anthropological study of drug addiction, violence and treatment modalities for substance-using Apadrinamiemto in Mexico and the USA.

What exactly is it about CQ spirituality that makes this mutual aid organisation especially culturally adapted for Latinos? Let it Begin With Me Online 5.

And hence the prayer circle that ends every nightly meeting and aapadrinamiento experience, the cadena de amor y servicio chain of love and servicepoints up the symbolic importance of service in CQ’s practice of spiritual healing. Idioms of distress revisited. And like in so many other Latino step groups, on the wall near the main entrance hangs a black-and-white print of a man, shirtless, dishevelled and shackled, with the words Reconozco mi derrota ante el alcohol I recognise my ruin from alcohol Fig.



The A.A. program – Alcoholics Anonymous – Spain

In Diversity in Unity: The setting The main room of the group has large posters with the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA, which are in Spanish and hang on the far wall above the desk of the meeting coordinador coordinator and the podium xa members stand and share their testimonials.

Los Angeles Times ; 23 January Available at: Several members are undocumented immigrants. Many of the step members had participated in more than one kind of step group over their lifetime e. Mutual aid groups for addiction are known to be cost-effective interventions. CQ emic understandings of being an enfermo emocional are sculpted out of a psychodynamic language of neurosis, the unconscious and apadrinamientp trauma.

Received Jun 4; Accepted Jul Disparities in Latino substance use, service use, and treatment: A previously unknown Spanish-language mutual aid resource for substance use and mental health concerns is available in Latino communities across the USA and much of Latin America.

So, if CQ is as popular among USA-based Latinos as our qualitative data suggest, we propose this may be due to how CQ incorporates a culturally appropriate form of spirituality into their recovery programme.

Int J Addict ; Sharing My Experience Online 5.

An Essential of Growth. Recovery, Unity, Service Japanese Online 5.

ICAA Live Learning Center – Home Page

A Collective Vision II. Ethnic minority groups and apacrinamiento anonymous: Support Center Support Center. The MIT Press, This article presents ethnographic data on this organisation.


I wanted to die … Apadrinamieto wasn’t until the experience when I realised things were wrong; I had erased those memories. Cultural adaptations of Alcoholics Anonymous to serve Hispanic populations. The coordinator smiled from behind the desk and counselled her with a phrase that is often said at the beginning of the preparatory meetings: University of Texas Press, Privacy Policy Terms Of Use.

Profess Psychol Res Pract ; Sharing their emotional struggles in Spanish. Please review our privacy policy. Declaration of interest None.


Focus on Our Primary Purpose Online 5. The main room of the group has large posters with the 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA, a;adrinamiento are in Spanish and hang on the far wall above the desk of the meeting coordinador coordinator and the podium where members stand and share their testimonials. I remembered my dad dying, and when I was molested as a child.