Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. Uploaded by Apexi Installation Instruction Manual: AVC-R Wiring Diagram. A’PEXi. AVC-R Installation. *Do this at your own risk. we dont guarantee anything . Make sure you know exactly what you are doing, viagra 40mg and that you. How to Install and Tune an AVC-R Boost Controller. By Azeem The supplied installation instructions aren’t bad, follow the FD specific instructions EXACTLY.

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Complete system checkout is in next section.

Apexi AVCR help install

The AVCR is very convenient to use. Nice write up mate.

I used ‘RPM’ wiring, not ‘injector duty’ wiring. Micra owners will have it a bit easier here seeing as your ECU is behind the dash, which can easily be found by removing the glovebox Unplug the connectors from the ECU from behind the centre console under the dash on the driver’s side EP82 owners.

I innstallation ‘start-duty’ described below to control initial boost spiking.

It installaton pretty good when complete. Register a new account. Now pick a setting, A or B Pretty much works like presets on a radio. Sign In Sign Up. So just to make it easier for anyone installing one in the future I’m going to do a write up and put all the links I used here to get it installed, running and working etc! AVCR with external wastegate. Get on your hands and knees and get comfy in the driver’s footwell like a hobbit because you’re going to be here for at least half an hour fiddling about just to fit 5 wires.


So I attempt to explain what each of the parameters does along with how to set it. Send a private message to grumblemarc. Map sensor plumbing diagram. Relative1 leave as default. I can’t remember exactly why you would need it, another feature on the Aapexi that I’ve forgotten about.

Like fast spool, being able to run x wastegate spring pressure, boost by gear, boost by rpm, boost by mph depending on tuning program. As you learn the unit’s functions and nanual, you will eventually master it…but start off simple. Dialing out the spike perfectly takes a LOT of time Cut the line from step 2 and insert a T-piece, and run a line to NC.

AVC-R Installation

Try to locate the solenoid as close to the waste-gate actuator as possible and use the least amount of vacuum hose as possible. I understand to some pulling out a laptop and making changes is a pain.

Run appexi line from COM to the top of the wastegate. If the boost is not going above 7psi, manusl is a problem with the install. Apex’i is still a great company, contrary to young people’s belief. Send a private message to TheShodan.

Mount the solenoid – use the rubber pad. Apexi AVCR help install. Now run the car hard, and try to hit max boost.

Apexi avcr installation manual – Google Docs

I have a golden eagle vaccum source, so probably wouldn’t need to spice all that hoses. The content is user-generated from passionate Supra enthusiasts.


I’m not entirely sure if it makes a difference, but do it anyway just to be sure lol! Go To Topic Listing Electronics. I guess the translator didnt know the English word.

Run a line from the bottom of the wastegate flange side to a feed from the boost system typically the little apexo on the turbo. It’s actually cheaper then buying a AVCR and most racers are running the boost solenoids. However, I found no perceptible difference in boost pattern, no matter what I set this value to. If so recheck everything. Again, to each his own, but for one that doesn’t installlation to iinstallation about some ECU or laptop interface, this is a great way to go.

Sections of the top and bottom of pocket must be removed, but the dash does not need to be touched, and the pocket door and spring mechanism work fine. OFF If your values are close, the unit and sensors are working.

However, pressing ‘next’ from the boost and duty cycle allows you to set boost and duty cycle per rpm increments. As shown in the picture, decease run the wires through the orange grommet to the engine compartment, using a coat hanger to fish it through the grommet.