I was just wondering if anyone was running the aquamist 2d water injection setup . Seems like a very well put together water injection system. My Aquamist 2D Install Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling. If you have the 2d kit up and running I was wondering what water Does this aquamist system vary the water based on BOOST? or is it like my.

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I have the aquamist 2d. The instructions sent with it, consisted of a rather abstract diagram, and some “tips”. Nothing about what all these gadgets are, or what purpose they serve. Can someone please give me a hand.

Did the seller not have any advice on the installation?

The Aquamist diagrahm is a generic accurate layout of the components, exact location of those components is usually provided by the dealer who is selling the end unit. The green wire from the fia2 goes to one of the injector switched grounds at the ECU? The HSV is heat sensitive and should not be placed over the engine along a fender rail works well.

The jet can be located anywhere before the throttle body. The pressure switch should be also be located away from the heat of the engine along a frame rail or the bulkhead works well.

Aauamist know 2c are going to use the UTEC switch but 22d is a good idea to include the mechanical switch as a backup in case the transistor in the Zquamist goes out in a closed state and runs the system continuously – set the mechanical switch lower than the UTEC switch and make the circuit such that both the UTEC and the mechanical switch are triggered before the fia2 begins firing the HSV. The fia2 can be anywhere you wish in the passenger compartment ground at a good location near your choice.


Thanks, for the additional info. I absolutely hate going into a project without complete information. That will sure speed up the install. I am by no means an expert but I just installed my 2d in my 99 supercharged Miata. Calif car, 91 octane. I looked for help from zquamist person who installed tbe 2c just to aquamisf sure of the “pulsed” and “unswitched” wires on the piggyback injector that I tapped into.

I found it helpful to layout everything in sequence to get an idea as to where everything goes.

Aquamist 2d water injection

I had to do this several times so that I would figure it out. The toughest part is figuring out where aquuamist mount everything in the engine bay. I can send you pictures if you like. My e-mail is cmetzner fergusonmetzner. Instead, on the solenoid I just used butt crimp connectors. One thing I would do differently: Do not tap into any piggyback fuel injectors.

They many times have a lighter duty cycle than asuamist main injectors and therefore, too little water is injected.

I switched mine and tapped into one of the main injectors and now – no pinging. I now run more advance and the car and I are much happier.

I’m running the 2D system on my turbocharged Honda S with the. When the water kicks in at 3 psi, I only get a 14 degree F temp drop in the intake manifold, which seems low. I’m running cc injectors stock is cc and I’m wondering if I need a larger jet because of a lower duty cycle for the larger injectors. I suppose I could just bypass the high speed valve and have full pump flow when the pressure switch activates. Max auamist I’m using is 9 psi. Yeah most likely your IDCs with those injectors are too low for aquamsit HSV to be effective with that size WI jet – especially if you are taking advantage of being able to lean further with water injection than without.


What is your HP? Do you have the ability to control fuel and timing?

Aquamist 2d – Anyone Have It Running? – – Mazda RX7 Forum

What is your current max IDCs? What is your AFR at that point? Going to a static flow will provide awuamist water for you at the high end but will likely bog you down lower. Static flow is only good over a small range below that you are running too 2e water and above it you are running to little. Yes, I can control timing and fuel. I’ll try going to two jets and see how it works.

What Is Your Input About The Aquamist 2d Injection – NoPistons -Mazda Rx7 & Rx8 Rotary Forum

Do you think increasing 2 pump pressure from 6 bars to it’s maximum 10 bars will help with a single. It may be possible. Richard L would be the better one to answer that aspect. I do know on the lower jets there comes a point where it would not be worthwhile to increase pressure because the jets are flowing as much as they can.

I am also not sure that it can sustain more than 7 bars without an accumulator. Richard is at SEMA it may be sometime before he can respond back. Hey, everybody thanks for all the tips on installing the 2d.

It’s in and working great. I havn’t done any tuning to the utec yet, But I can see and feel the results already, the car is much smoother on acceleration, and runs much cooler. I think I lost some horse power but have gained torqe and lots of it.