Preface[edit]. If the reader has ever met with the works of the learned folk-lorist G. Pitré, or the articles contributed by “Lady Vere De Vere” to the. Legare, the binding and paralysing human faculties by means of witchcraft.] ARADIA, or the Gospel of the Witches. CHAPTER I. How Diana Gave Birth to Aradia. Aradia has ratings and 61 reviews. Steve said: In Northern Italy there are vestiges of an ancient faith that maybe still practiced by the common pe.

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The line between goddess and witch or witch and saint is very thin in ancient history. One example of this confusion is the legendary story of Aradia — a woman whose life has been explored in neo-pagan and folklorist accounts of ancient myths and legends. She is known as the queen of the witches and the goddess of the moon. Aradia is often presented as an important deity and her character appears in many books.

However, her origins are not so obvious.

Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

In fact, it seems that there are still more questions than answers related to this mysterious woman. According to Charles Godfrey Leland, an American folklorist, his book Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches is a text which is based on the old knowledge of pagan witches from Tuscany, Italy. Leland says that his book is based on a text he received from a woman named Maddalena who lived in Tuscany.

This account of Aradia is said to be created from ancient Etruscan mythology. The folklorist presents Aradia as a female messiah who came to Earth to support witches in their fight against the Catholic Church. Gospel of the Witches. Leland claimed that the book he wrote was based on very good resources and stories repeated by centuries of people who were interested in witchcraft. However, many historians doubt it. The story of Aradia starts with her birth.

Leland writes that she was a daughter of a good and powerful deity named Diana, and Lucifer – the most powerful of the devils who was also her brother. In this version of the myth, Lucifer is the god of the sun, moon, and light, whose handsomeness was overwhelming.

One day Diana said to her daughter Aradia:. And thou shalt be the first of witches known; And thou shalt be the first of all i’ the world; And thou shalt teach the art of poisoning, Of poisoning those who are great lords of all; Yea, thou shalt make them die in their palaces; And thou shalt bind the arzdia soul with power ; And when ye find a peasant who is rich, Then ye shall teach the witch, your pupil, how To ruin all his crops with tempests dire, With lightning and with thunder terribleAnd the hail and wind These publications sound very convincing and assert that they describe the real legend of the goddess, however, their information is still uncertain because most of the texts are based on the book Leland published in She suggests that Aradia must have been a supernatural creature related to Italian folklore.


Magliocco identified Aradia with the legendary witch figure – who is probably a supernatural legend known in the Sardinian tradition as ”sa Rejusta”. Another theory comes from Raven Grimassi, who created Stregheria – a neo-pagan tradition. He says that a woman known as Aradia di Toscano was a real person who lived in the 14th century and was a witch, or a powerful leader of a group of witches, who worshiped the goddess Diana. Goddess Diana Leaving Her Bath.

One more hypothesis comes from Mircea Eliade, a Roman historian of religion who lived between and Eliade suggested that the name Aradia comes from Arada and Irodiada – a folkloric name for the famous Queen of the Fairies. In Romanian culture, she was related to Diana and was a patron for a group of dancers who existed until the end of the 19th century although it’s possible that they secretly continue their work even now. No matter what the origins of Aradia are, she is still an witchez part of the story of the goddess Diana.

Illustration of a Witch. fo

The goddess Aradia and other subjects, available at: Natalia Klimczak is an historian, journalist o writer. When the Hebrews conquered Canaan, they took the Canaanite Gods and made them demons. Register to become part of our active community, get updates, receive a monthly newsletter, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of our member ggospel system OR just post your comment below as a Guest.

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Who Was the Mysterious Aradia – Italian Goddess or Wicked Witch?

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The Domovoi is a supernatural creature found in Slavic mythology. These are household sprites that attach themselves to a family and serve as their guardian.

As benevolent spirits, the Domovoi would Every year, amidst the excitement of Halloween-related fun, conversations commonly turn toward scary and unnerving talk of the mysterious glspel of paranormal and supernatural phenomena. Ouija boards—also called qradia boards or talking boards—have been part of various cultures long before the introduction of the “game” in the 19 th century.


A convicted double murderer has won the right to a retrial on the basis that four of the jury had used a Ouija board the night before finding him guilty. Does this mean that the UK judicial system Generally, it is a good idea for farmers to keep a keen lookout for possible predators for their livestock.

Who Was the Mysterious Aradia – Italian Goddess or Wicked Witch? | Ancient Origins

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Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches – Wikisource, the free online library

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