· reference URL gaidar/. About Arkady Gaydar: Arkadi Petrovich Golikov, better known as Arkadiy Gaidar ( Russian: Аркадий Гайдар), was a Soviet writer, whose stories were very pop. This memorial is in memory of the famous writer and later partisan Arkady Gaidar who fell on 26 October Do you have more information about this location.

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Arkady Gaidar

Arkady Gaidar Arkady Gaidar. My grandfather’s sense of his world was shot through with premonitions of another terrible war soon to come.

No sooner had they read the book than thousands of Soviet boys and girls began to emulate Timur. Their activities were widely reported in newspapers and on the radio.

Timur Gaidar – Wikipedia

Arkady was the first of the couple’s four children. In he was moved to the Mongolian border where the Red Army was fighting White Army units led by colonels Oliferov and Solovyov but later gaidwr year got hospitalized with traumatic neuroses. As the Great Patriotic War vaidar out, Gaidar was sent to the front as a special correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda. As the Great Patriotic War broke out, Gaidar was sent to the front as a special correspondent for the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda.


A countrywide movement, known as the Timur movement, sprang up. As ships sail past they wave to the boy, As planes fly past they dip their wings to the boy, As locomotives race past they whistle to the boy, As Young Pioneers march past they salute the boy.

In summerGaidar took part in operations against the units of generals Geyman and Zhitikov.

Arkady Gaidar – Russiapedia Literature Prominent Russians

Silver TrumpetsKonets imperatora taygi Russian: Gaidar’s grandson, the perestroika-era economist and politician Yegor Gaidar, has this to say about his grandfather’s sense of mission: This is my first novel. Despite the squeaky-clean reputation which was later to spring up around Gaidar, there is evidence that, during the Civil War, he was responsible for some excesses, ordering and engaging in the execution of innocent peasants.

He was a firm believer in Communism and felt it important to convey a message in his works. Following his demobilization, Gaidar had married and had a son, Timur. Romance of an Aimed Shot”.

His three sisters were Natalya, Olga and Yekaterina. Arkady Petrovich Golikov Russian: Gaidar wanted his gaidsr to teach Soviet children the meaning of such concepts as honor, daring and truth. On 27 Augustthe commander of Arkady’s company was killed, and Arkady, only 15 years old, was promoted to replace him. In Decembernow a platoon commander on the Polish front, Arkady received a shrapnel wound to the leg. On 26 October, Gaidar was killed in combat near village Lyuplyava.


A number of films were made based on his stories. Mikhail Zoshchenko Mikhail Zoshchenko was a remarkable writer who was particularly popular in the s and s for his satirical depictions of the realities of Soviet life. When World War I began and his father was drafted into the army, the young Arkady ran away from home and tried to join his father at the front.

A captivating account of an altruistic pioneer youth gave birth to the mass Timur movement among Young Pioneers and other children’s organizations all over the Soviet Union.

Gaidar then went wandering again. Timur, an energetic, daring, big-hearted lad, devised ingenious ways of doing this.

Timur Gaidar

In addition, Gaidar wrote 13 stories, 12 sketches, and four tales for the paper. He was a poet, a writer, a scholar, a polyglot and a publisher.

A year later, he went to Archangelsk to work for a local newspaper, Pravda Severa. He joined the partisans and became a machine gunner.

Romance of an Aimed Shot”. I want you to print it.