Baukammergesetz NRW (BauKaG NRW), DVO BauKG NRW, Satzung der Architektenkammer NRW, HOAI. Impressum: Inhaltlich Verantwortlicher gemäß § 6. Sie wird im Gesellschaftsverzeichnis der Architektenkammer NRW unter der Durchführungsverordnung zum Baukammergesetz (DVO BauKG NRW) Satzung . Baukammergesetz NRW (BauKaG NRW) / Durchführungs-verordnung zum Baukammergesetz (DVO BauKaG NRW) / Satzung der Architektenkammer NRW.

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On the outside the profile of the ceiling landscape constitutes the shape of the glazing and the roof, creating four interdependent facades. Visitors find themselves above the roofs of the solar city; they gaze in wonderment into its depths.

Projecttitel, Year Projectsubtitel 1 Projectsubtitel 2. Projekttitel, Jahr Projektuntertitel 1 Projektuntertitel 2. The multifamily house from the s offered the potential for an addition on the garden side to the west. The floors and walls of the different treatment rooms and of the waiting areas have been coded into different colours corresponding to their use.

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The linked websites had been checked for possible violations of law at the time of the establishment of the link. Its appearance clearly stands in contrast to the mainstream too smooth and too perfect. Sliding and folding doors allow the spaces to be converted variably into smaller and larger units. Downloads and copies of these websites are permitted for private use only.

It hardens only once you add water. Cramped spaces have been transformed into the expanse and lightness of a sense of contemporary dwelling. The small shed that we built for this allotment features a special construction technique: The client demanded, a passively heated house for the family — the parents and four children.


Schreber ist Teil des Deutschen Beitrags zur Deutschland The following professional regulations apply: These structures are specific symbiotic types of industrial and residential buildings, which mainly exist in the industrial and business areas of the urban periphery.

The buildings we are interested in, serve as an idiosyncratic and honest answer to their surroundings and to the programmatic demands without insisting on an architectural and aesthetic form. We can discover them as a heterogeneous living space generating new visions for the development of the inherent potential.

They are to a lesser extent an example but more of an inspiration for other contemporary and site-specific building. Copyright laws of third parties are respected as long as the contents on these websites do not originate from the provider. The German contribution for the Architecture Biennale in Venice deals with this situation.

Illegal contents were not detected at the time of the linking. Projektbeschreibung 3 Link zu PDF. Reproduction, editing, distribution as well as the use of any kind outside the scope of the copyright law require a written permission of the author or originator.

Design-wise, the advantage is clear: Liability for Contents As service providers, we are liable for own contents of these websites according to Sec. Spatial and Programmatic overlays provide a generous feeling, various atmospheres and open spaces.


Projectdescription 3 Link zu PDF. The added con- struction reorganizes the floor plan, solves the daylight problem, and creates different areas in the garden that open up new possibil- ities for use. Copyright Contents and compilations published on these websites by the providers are subject to German copyright laws.

Contents and compilations published on these websites by the providers are subject to German copyright laws. The house has a second live cycle. NW A Berufsrechtlichen Regelungen: Every room has a different, archetypical roof shape — a tent, a barrel and a pent roof. Sie nehmen regionale Bauformen und Moden auf, integrieren sich in ihr Umfeld, um gleichzeitig wieder mit ihm zu brechen.


Architecture magazines and books often describe buildings, which simply cannot be found in our nre environment, as architecture of minor importance. VAT Id number according to Sec. The use of energy efficient technology, natural use of materials and existing resources makes it a sustainable building.

Im Wesentlichen gibt es drei Wohnungstypen: Der bauliche Eingriff aus Stahlbeton wurde in seiner Rohheit sichtbar belassen und ist klar ablesbar. Different materials, which each react to functional requirements, define the aesthetic appearance of this retrofit.

In the design process, we were interested in fundamental questions about the relationship between the existing and the new, and about its possible interpretations.