As long as a key is available, a substitution cipher is a safe, simple way to encrypt a message. The trouble with Thomas J. Beale’s ciphers, however, is that we. More than a century ago, a small pamphlet was published titled “The Beale Papers,” which contained three cipher texts. The mysterious codes supposedly gave. The world first learned of the Beale ciphers in with the limited publication of a pamphlet in Lynchburg, Virginia entitled The Beale Papers: Containing.

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Finding, in a few years, that his experiment was successful and his business remunerative, he removed to the Franklin Hotel, now the Norvell House, the largest and best arranged in the city.

It is here in text formand here as a photographic reproduction.

Beale Ciphers Analyses

The codes are basic substitution ciphers. About the first of December we reached our destination, Santa Fe, and prepared for a long and welcome rest from the fatigues of our journey. What became of him and his companions is left entirely to conjecture. The press has breathlessly reported countless claims of the codes being broken, sometimes with head-spinning results.

Have you ever heard of an editor?

Hammer, for his part, cared little for the treasure story. William eventually left Springfield without him. Archibald Fisher was alive and staying in his home. By comparing the foregoing numbers with the corresponding numbers of the initial letters of the consecutive words in the Declaration of Independence, the translation will be found to be as follows: But when I spoke to Easterling over the phone last fall, he sounded resigned. Not that this will stop anybody. Paper number one describes the exact locality of the vault, so that no difficulty will be had in finding cpihers.

He found the three encoded letters, plus another letter addressed cipherx himself in which Beale gave his account of finding the treasure. In fact, when they first encountered these anachronisms, few dropped their shovels or chucked their maps; rather they picked up books and dove into special archives rooms to start a new hunt—a search to find counter-evidence in the historical record that would pile doubt on the doubters.


Morriss, I have left the whole subject to his sole management and charge.

Most noteworthy, the name Thomas J. Today, many of its members are dead.

The Lost Treasure of the Beale Ciphers

The knowledge that I was young and in circumstances to afford leisure for the task imposed; and finally, a confidence cipherss I cipherz regard his instructions, and carry out his wishes regarding his charge. The box was left in my beqle in the Spring ofand by authority of his letter, I should have examined its contents inten years thereafter, having heard nothing from Beale in the meantime; but it was not untilsome twenty-three years after it came into my possession, that I decided upon opening it.

Again, never, as I have done, beeale your own and your family’s interests to what may prove an illusion; but, as I have already said, when your day’s work is done, and you are comfortably seated by your good fire, a short time devoted to the subject can injure no one, and may bring its reward.

Louis, May,and was the latest communication ever received from him: The human skull that challenges the Out of Africa theory. Such claims usually occur when a hunter has exhausted all other possibilities.

The brothers looked briefly for Fischer, but may have assumed he was still out enjoying himself. Benford’s Law – A clue to the Beale ciphers? And that was cphers far as Ward ever got before publishing the papers. If you decode Beale’s first cipher with some versions of the Declaration of Independence, as James Gillogly tried inyou’ll get gobbledygook—with the exception of this pseudo-alphabetical string in the middle of the code. Its a butterfly with the lines 74 18 78 that’s tells where it is.

To the prosecution’s great embarrassment, much of the evidence was proven bunk: Beale’s company of thirty adventurous partners, all Virginians, had been hunting north of Santa Fe, when they happened across a ravine full of gold. This will not be difficult, as their residences are given, and they can easily be found. Friedman, leader of the U. Some five years since I, in connection with several friends, who, like myself, were fond of adventure, and if mixed with a little danger all the more acceptable, brale to visit the great Western plains and enjoy ourselves in hunting buffalo, bealr bears, and such other game as the country would afford.


In over years of trying, bsale has been able to demonstrably crack the first or third ciphers.

Beale selected to be his confidential agent. The medium who had refused to help all night, opting instead to lounge on a bed of dead leaves was re-hypnotized and told to explain himself. Archived from the original on The specifics, they point out, are blurry.

One listed the location of the hidden treasure, one listed its contents, and a third listed the names of the people who had claim to it. Comments Joe S wrote on 23 September, – When Beale and his party left to go mining and exploring inhe left a strongbox with Morris for safekeeping. Stephen Matyas researched this discrepancy and compiled one of the world’s most complete collections of Declaration of Independence copies. Beale’s account had the men simply recognizing gold and picking it up, for eighteen months.

I have deposited in the county of Bedford, about four miles from Buford’s, in an excavation or vault, six feet below the surface of the ground, the following articles, belonging jointly to the parties whose names are given in number “3,” herewith: Under this arrangement the work progressed favorable for eighteen months or more, and a great deal of gold had accumulated in my hands as well as silver, which had likewise been found.

Beale ciphers

The locked box was left in the charge of Robert Morriss of Lynchburg, Virginia. Stopping at Buford’s, where we remained for a month, under pretense of hunting etc. Morriss, however, was of short duration, and reverses came when they were least expected.

The objective of this website is to fill a void: To do this was the task to which I now devoted myself, and with but partial success. Beald Laffite, Privateer, and the Beale treasure.