A short introduction of the poet: Mirza Abdul Qadir Bedil () popularly known as Bedil Dehlavi was a poet of the Indian school of. Browse through Mawlana AbulMaani Mirza AbdulQadir Bedil’s poems and quotes. 9 poems of Mawlana AbulMaani Mirza AbdulQadir Bedil. Still I Rise, The . BEDIL: SELECTED POEMS Translation & Introduction by Paul Smith Mirza Abdul -Qader Bedil () is one of the most respected poets from Afghanistan.

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He is considered the most difficult and challenging poet of Safavid-Mughal poetry.

Discovering the truth is the reason we are here in this world, we can never give up on the truth. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter poetey comment here Do you like this poet?

Bedil presents his writings in a mysterious format, almost like riddles that one has to unlock.

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Twitter Facebook Tumblr Print. US nationals staying in Tajikistan advised to exercise special vigilance during the New Year holiday. His poetry plays a major role in Indo-Persian classical music of Central Asia as well. The confirmation window will open and you will be automatically brought back to the site. He is considered the most difficult and challenging poet of Safavid-Mughal poetry.

Selected Couplets: Abdul Qadir Bedil Dehlavi | Readings

Mahmud Saba Kashani — Retrieved from ” https: All in this rubric. He was born in Azimabad, bsdil Patna in India. He is considered as one of the prominent poets of Indian School of Poetry in Persian literature, and owns his beeil Style in it. Both Mirza Ghalib and Iqbal-i Lahori were influenced by him. Nothing in this world Bedio in through your social network profile.

Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan. Archived from the original on He preferred free thought to accepting the established beliefs of his time, siding with the common people and rejecting the clergy who he often saw as corrupt. His Hindi style presents the reader with the additional challenge of gaining insight into his wisdom.


Abdul-Qādir Bedil

A portrait of Bedil. Delivering Poems Around The World.

Contemporary Persian and Classical Persian are the same language, but writers since are classified as contemporary. Both Mirza Ghalib and Iqbal-i Lahori were influenced by him. Views Read Edit View history.

Abdul Qadir Bedil’s urdu books | Author Books

Email Address never made public. Display comments as tree Display comments as tree New comments first. To find out more, including how bdeil control cookies, see here: Bedil mostly wrote Ghazal and Rubayee quatrain in Persian, the language of the Royal Court, which he had learned since childhood.

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