Cambridge Core – Nineteenth-Century Music – Berlioz’s Orchestration Treatise – edited by Hugh Macdonald. Berlioz’s orchestration treatise is a classic textbook which has been used as – Berlioz’s Orchestration Treatise: A Translation and Commentary -. revise the “Treatise on Instrumentation” by Hector. Berlioz . composition and orchestration with therich expressive On the other hand, even Berlioz’ orchestral.

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In addition to the dazzling colours which this multitude of different sounds could generate at any moment, there would be harmonic effects previously unheard that could be produced:.

But once the dominant seventh was accepted after all, together with suspended dissonances, those who called themselves erudite came to look down on any composition harmonised in a way that was simple, gentle, clear, sonorous and natural. The violas, cellos, and double-basses separately, then all together.

An imperceptible movement of the arm, an unsuspected emotion on the part of the player, might produce no noticeable effect when played by a single violin.

The nerlioz range, particularly when the player is not very skilled, is all too reminiscent of the sound of the serpent and the cornet. This timbre is also so clear and penetrating that one can pick out a single soprano saxhorn through a considerable mass of other wind orchestratkon. In his symphonies in B flat and C minor Beethoven made wonderful use of the timpani pianissimo; these superb passages lose a great deal if played with sticks without sponge heads, even though the composer did not specify anything to that effect in his scores.

In particular it would have an incalculable melodic, expressive and rhythmic power, a penetrating force like no other, a prodigious sensitivity in all orchesfration whether in ensemble or in detail.

Berlioz Treatise on orchestration

But this was probably of little consequence as far as composers were concerned. The most formidable orchestra placed in the centre of a vast garden open on all sides, such as that of the Tuilerieswill have no effect. When pizzicato is used in a passage played forte it is in general necessary that it should be written neither too high nor too low, since the highest notes are thin and dry in sound, and the lower ones are too dull.


Its task is therefore not to reinforce the double-basses, with which its timbre does not blend in any way. A few random examples: These musicians had developed a taste for dissonant chords, rather like certain animals have a taste for salt, prickly plants and thorny shrubs. But the finest concert orchestra, for a hall scarcely larger than that of the Conservatoirethe most complete, the richest in nuances and variety of tone colour, the most majestic, powerful and at the same time the most mellow, would be an orchestra composed as follows:.

Nevertheless it is always written in tutti passages without any regard for its tonal character, because it is then submerged in the ensemble and the distinctive quality of its timbre can no longer be identified. It also tell you what can be done on each instrument, what should be generally avoided.

Grand traité d’instrumentation et d’orchestration modernes, Op.10 (Berlioz, Hector)

Every time I have heard the organ playing together with the orchestra it seemed orchestratiob me to produce a dreadful effect; it interfered with the orchestra instead of strengthening it. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: InRichard Strauss was asked to update the text to include some modern instruments and included musical examples from Wagner, and in the updated Treatise with a new preface by Strauss was published in German.

Hence the following classification of the means currently available to him:. One may use as many timpanists as there are timpani in the orchestra, in order to produce rolls and rhythms with two, three, or four parts, depending on the numbers available.

I used them for the first time in three parts, in the scherzo of a symphony [ Romeo and JulietQueen Mab scherzobar and following], above a fourth, non-harmonic, violin part which consists of a continuous trill on the lower note.

I believe I have already stated that it seemed to me impossible to explain how beautiful orchestral effects are invented, and that this faculty, which practice and reasoned observation probably help to develop, is, like the treattise of creating melody, expression, and even harmony, one of the precious gifts that the poet-musician, like an inspired creator, must have received from nature.

It may preserve some of its character if given to the flutes, and will hardly lose anything if played by the clarinets. Care should be taken in this case to provide numerous tuning forks in the orchestra; this is the only way to preserve exactly the correct pitch of a crowd of instruments that are so different in character and temperament.


This is an essential precondition for achieving the best possible results and calculating with sureness the intended effects. I have said that the horn is a noble and melancholy instrument, and this is true despite those tgeatise hunting fanfares that are often mentioned.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. It is even more difficult than with those instruments to give it rochestration appropriate role in the orchestra, as its metallic sound when played forte is only suitable for pieces that are extremely brilliant, and when played piano for pieces that have a certain bizarre wildness.

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The feelings of absence, oblivion, and painful loneliness which arise in the minds of some listeners when they hear this forsaken melody would not have a quarter of their force if sung by any instrument other than the cor anglais. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It then sinks back gradually to the lament and murmured grief of a resigned soul… What a poet!

This odious commonplace has now been abandoned at last. Pages with related products. Even then it would be very difficult to bring together in Paris voices of any quality; at the moment the study of singing there is neither very widespread nor very advanced.

Treatise on Instrumentation – Wikipedia

Showing of 16 reviews. But he orrchestration been equally successful in giving the instrument passages of a sad or desolate character. If the intention was to perform a composition involving a chorus, such an orchestra would require:.

By doubling or tripling in the same proportions and order this body of performers the result would probably be a superb festival orchestra.