GSM/GPRS Communicator. The BGSM-G gives total confidence in all security and surveillance applications and is the ideal way of completing whatever system . (see instructions), and then close the B-GSM. + Screw the 3[G]. In the event of GSM network signal fail- ure a signal as per figure 3b will be present on terminal . The BGSM-G-EU is Bentel’s all new universal global system mobile (GSM) alarm communicator is a versatile device that accommodates end-users that are not.

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Your name Your email address Their name Their email address Your message Mmanual details submitted in this form will not be shared with any third parties. It can effectively monitor optical lengths of up to km per controller for buried, and 80 km for fence installations. Using the cabinet, mark the 4 screw locations then drill the anchor screw holes.

Complete the connections on the terminal board [12]. If both are ON, it indicates perfect coverage. This Device has 4 Outputs bbgsm-g can be set up from remote locations or used for status signalling. Before inserting or removing the SIM card, please ensure the unit is powered down. Remove the screw and the front cover [1].


BGSM-G Universal Alarm

Fit the antenna [2] ensure that the bolt [3] is fastened tightly. Description This Device manages Bgwm-g and Central Station transmissions and can simulate the land line in the event of trouble land line down or even substitute the land line completely in areas where the GSM service is provided and where the land line is not available.

Check for cable conduits and water bvsm-g before drilling. Route wires as indicated in Figure 1. The communicator connects the alarm control panel to the GSM network to report alarm signals directly to the monitoring station receiver, and is compatible with any control panel that communicates using the Contact ID format.

The details submitted in this form will not be shared with any third parties. There is also an account supervision feature that sends out information via IP in the event of a communication failure.

Using anchor screws not includedmount the cabinet to the wall. The content of this article The communicator is protected against tampering and provides tamper signals on two terminals, while the device can also be programmed and controlled via a PC software application which is available as an accessory. Using the connector [5], connect the GSM Module [17]. Enhancing home automation with IoT OctoberElvey Security TechnologiesProducts, Integrated Solutions By automating elements which are electronically driven, homeowners are given the power to improve their quality of life by implementing these mwnual technologies and controlling them via a smart device.


Lay the cables, then pull them through the cable entry [14]. This Device must be installed indoors in a non-hazardous location. The performance of this Device depends greatly on GSM Network coverage, therefore, it should not be mounted without first performing placement tests to determine the best location for reception minimun one green LED is ON.

This Device should be located in a safe dry place away from radio transmitters and similar devices. Reattach the front cover [1] securely to the cabinet.

Bentel Security | Products > Security Products > Universal Wireless Communicator – BGSM-G

It has home remote automation capabilities and a full event report program. More information about Elvey Security Technologies. The SMS dialler function manages telephone numbers and sends trouble alert, periodic transmissions and pay-as-you-go balance messages. This Week’s Editor’s Bgsm.