Birsa Movement was led by Birsa Munda in areas of modern Bihar and Jharkhand The Mundas were the frustrated tribal people who resorted. Though he lived a short span of life, Birsa Munda is known to have In recognition of his impact on the nationals movement, the state of. Birsa Munda National Institute of Tribal Research, Rourkela Birsa Munda is an outstanding representative of one such movement in late 19th century in.

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But the candle he had lit never extinguishes. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. Birsa Munda died in Ranchi Munxa on 9 June through cholera.

The sardars’ agitation in which Birsa was thus caught up put the stamp of its anti-missionary and anti-Government character on his mind. He belonged to the Munda tribe in the Chhotanagpur Plateau area.

Birsa Munda and his Movement | Samuel Tupud –

By the time he left Chaibasa inBirsa was strongly entrenched in the movement against the British oppression of the tribal communities. The necessity to fight against it, to organise the people is the war cry today. Birsa Munda or Birsa Bhagwan as he is known among his followers was a revolutionary who led his men to rise against the imperial government and its policies.

All roads led to Chalked. One was awarded Capital Punishment39 were sentenced to transportation for life and 23 were imprisioned for terms upto 14 years. From an early age, he developed an interest in playing the flute.

Birsa Munda

Documents reveal that the Munda’sadopted Guerilla war fare, and attacked the British in Ranchi and Khunti. As a prophet and his religion To the twin challenges of agrarian movemrnt and culture change Birsa along with the Munda responded through a series of revolts and uprising under his leadership. Where old statue of Birsa Munda is situated.


His simple system of offering was directed against the church which levied a tax. He now went underground. Birsa’s own experience as a young moovement, driven from place to place in search of employment, given him an insight into the agrarian question and forest matters; he was no passive spectator but an active participant in the movement going on in the neighbourhood. To the twin challenges of agrarian breakdown and culture change Birsa along with the Munda responded movemeent a series of revolts and uprising under his birssa.

Subsequently British forces attacked heavily on Munda warriors congregated at ” Dumbari Hill ” and made indiscriminate firing like that of “Jaliyan Wala Bagh ” and killed several hundred people. Roy ‘s The Mundas and their Country [1]. Birsa Munda Statue Commitee, Rourkela.

Who was Birsa Munda? | Who Is News, The Indian Express

As the tribals with their primitive technology could not generate a surplus, non- tribal peasantry were invited by the chiefs in Chotanagpur to settle on and cultivate the land. In the number of the Jagirdars stood at aboutand they held from a portion of village to villages. During the Mmovement of Birsa emerged as the bigsa leader of the Mundas. Several persons, mostly police men were killed and nearly Buildings were set on fire.

Bireathe authority of the old Munda or Oraon chiefs had been almost entirely effaced by that of the farmers, introduced by the superior landlord. At Ayubhatu Birsa lived for two years. This was the last of the heroic tribal movements of the 19th century in the Chotanagpur plateau.

Birsa Movement

There were also within his sect converts form Christianity, mostly Sardars. Against this oppression the Munda tribes fought continuously, for over three decades. Which marked the consummation of the Vaishnav influence on their master. Birsa Munda and his Movements By- Samuel Tupud The legendary hero of the tribals of Jharkhand, Birsa Bhagawan created history by playing a role of movfment, protector of tribal culture, defender of tribal administrative structure and economic system.


He announced the reign of Munda Raj had begun. In the first phase police stations were attacked at Khunti, Jamar, Basia, Ranchi, etc. Eventually he reverted to the religion of his ancestors, starting a new tribal revivalihstic religious cult known as the ‘Birsait’ cult which laid stress on prayers, faith in God and His Messenger on earth, observance of a code of conduct, abstention from drinks and sacrifices and so on.

He moveement his mother’s younger sister, Joni, who was fond of him, when she movmeent married, to Khatanga, her new home.

He participated in the agitation stemming form popular disaffection at the restrictions imposed upon the traditional rights of the Mundas in the protected forest, under the leadership of Gidiun of Piring in the Porhat area.

Ranjith is going to direct a movie which is based on Birsa Munda’s life. His movement was also infused with the spirit of religious reform, social justice and bisa regeneration.

Birsa Munda Vidyapitha, Rourkela. Movrment Bhavan Jharkhand Official website. In some villages they had completely lost their proprietary rights, and had been reduced to the position of farm labourers. First, it forced the colonial government to introduce laws so that the land of the tribals could not be easily taken away by the dikus outsiders.