PSP Homebrew Application – Bookr v The only PDF reader for PSP for both + to + Kernels All the hard work goes to ccm Download Bookr for free. A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering. A book reader for the Vita. Still a work in progress – pathway27/bookr-mod-vita.

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To receive our Daily Newsletter, you must first be a member of the QJ website. You can choose whether you want to activate or deactivate the analog pad and erase stored data, the game has the possibility to continue the game or start a new one, not to mention it has an excellent graphic interface which is very nice. Takes some Heavy FirePower to kill these suckers. Vita Themes Download and submit Vita styles, mods, and icons here. Like a computer, works with a fully functional window nookr to minimize, and even resize and maximize the windows.

Scroll through a list or text box, zoom in image viewer. You only have one life, 1 hit and your dead. As the Combo counter reaches higher Numbers, you will Unlock weapons, and upgrades for those weapons.

Here are the details for a background: If you are behind a router you will have to use port forwardinf the port used by PSPlorer is configurable in the config file PSPlorer. Yo AlwaysAmiYumi those are hot finds nice work sharing the predone files! Package includes the required Windows driver, PSP binary, source code, etc DSP is a Tower Defense game — setup your towers and defend against the approaching enemy waves.


It will appear to run from 1.

ComicRack User Forum: psp version (1/1)

You can then click on “Newsletter Settings” to customize your daily digest boookr. How to Transfer WhatsApp messages It includes a cache system so you can browse later the maps you have previously seen, even if you v07.1.a have WiFi available. The developer promises he will update the game with an history-line, many stages and bosses. Take my advice, don’t try to install custom themes Read about them now!

With a few adjustments and enhancements. Draw your own pictures pixel art and save them to memory. The objective is to make your opponents crash into the solid trails your light boomr leaves behind. Classic retro style action. Originally Posted by vv0.7.1.a Cancel and Return to page. Light Cycle 3D lets you choose from a variety of different skins and change the speed settings and enemy numbers to make the game more or less difficult.

Subscribe to our Daily Digest! It uses a highly optimized system for the PSP, making it capable of operating with a large number of open windows. It then shows the capture made in the image viewer.

BETA 3 packs many, many changes from a talented crew of developers. Here’s his website – http: This is a discussion on Custom Game Thumbnails? Construct a path using the randomly generated pipe pieces; complete the path before water flows and spills.

Collect eight and move up a level to Sea Horse level v0.7.1.a. You are one of the last humans on earth and you must protect the last of your people from peril. Unlike the original version, this handheld clone v0.7.1.aa the game places you in a timed challenge to destroy as many blocks before the timer runs out. As you gain Kills, A number in the Top right of the screen will Rise.


Wii Wallpapers Wii backgrounds and wallpapers can be found here. Much better than using the photo viewer on png converted pdf’s! Open holes in the ground to the right. The object of the game is to clear an abstract minefield without detonating a mine. Stack and destroy bricks to increase your online reputation. Miss a target that collides with you and move down to Zooplankton level 1. This booir version finally adds configurable controls and lets players save their play statistics.

Applications are always up-to-date, and any SCE or 1. It works great on 4.

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This is your Combo Counter, and it will go down unless you keep killing more zombies faster. Last edited by halane; at A text editor with IR keyboard support. Welcome Guest network sites: UnOfficial gpSP kai-1 test svn rev 3. There is a total of 20 levels in the game.