BS EN 61439-1 PDF

date BS EN is withdrawn and BS EN and BS EN In addition IEC and IEC have been amended, clarified and. For each type of electrical AssEMBLY only two parts of the standard are necessary to determine all requirements: the basic standard IEC “ General rules. What changes does BS EN bring? • New testing procedure including design and routine verification. • Alternative testing routes. • Clear requirements for.

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Scope of the standard

It is a safety factor that takes into consideration manufacturing tolerances. For an acceptable result there shall be no unintentional disruptive discharge during the tests.

Item 6 in table They shall be distinctly located in these positions. This value shall not exceed the appropriate rating s see 5. Ex-cept as permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act no ex-tract may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in anyform or by any means — electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise —without prior written permission from BSI.

NOTE 3 It is the value to which dielectric test voltages and creepage distances are referred, see also 8.

Introduction to 61439-1

Subclauses that are numbered with a, etc. NOTE 2 The cover plate can be provided with cable entries. This standard does not apply to individual devices bss self-contained components, such as motor ne, fuse switches, electronic equipment, etc. Separation of terminals for external Terminals for external conductors separated Form 3b conductors from the functional units, but not from from busbars those of other functional units Terminals for external conductors in the same Form 4a Separation of busbars een all functional units compartment as the associated functional unit and separation of all functional units from one another.


The test shall be carried out on one representative sample of each of the insulating materials taken from enclosures, barriers and other insulating parts. RevisionsInformation on standardsBritish Standards are updated by amendment or revision.

Tables and figures in this Part 2 that are new are numbered starting with The removable parts may be provided with an insertion interlock see 3. Other requirements and other EC Directives may be applicable to the products falling within the scope of this standard.

For functional units with several devices, it is that of the device with the lowest rated current.

Where basic protection is achieved by constructional measures one or more of the protective measures given in 8. If the main busbar is rated for a higher current, it shall be fed with additional current so that it carries its rated current to its junction with the distribution busbar.

If the functional unit can be arranged in different orientations horizontal, verticalthen the most onerous arrangement shall be tested. The test consists of: The rated diversity factor multiplied by the rated current of the circuits shall be equal to or higher than the assumed loading of the outgoing circuits.

Clearance is the shortest air path over the top of the rib. We would be grateful if anyone finding an inaccuracy or ambiguity whileEmail: The original manufacturer shall take into consideration in his selection for test, the configurations to be derived from the tested arrangements according to It is sufficient to test a single functional unit if the remaining functional units are of the same construction.

In case of any doubt that the insulation properties of the ASSEMBLY are not maintained an additional power frequency test at two times U with a minimum of 1 V shall be performed in accordance with We use cookies to make our website easier to use and to better understand your needs. Clearance is the shortest direct air path over the joint is less than creepage distance over top of the barrier. When fuses are installed the original manufacturer shall state the type and rating of the fuse-links to be used.


Clearances and creepage distance paths are as uncemented joint with a groove on one side shown. This document Older versions. The critical functional unit shall at least be tested inside the smallest compartment if any which is intended for this functional unit; and with the worst variant of internal separation if any with respect to size of ventilation openings; and the enclosure with the highest installed power loss per volume; and the worst variant of ventilation of the enclosure with respect to kind of ventilation natural or forced convection and size of ventilation openings.

Scope of the standard – IEC – Siemens

Arrangements shall ensure electrical separation not less than that between the input and output of an isolating transformer.

Each outgoing unit on test shall be fitted with its intended protective device. Heat resistant silicone insulated cables IEC In the case of withdrawable parts, the operating cycle includes any physical movements from the connected to the isolated position and back to the connected position. In the case of enclosures and conductors of aluminium or aluminium alloys, particular consideration shall be given to the danger of electrolytic corrosion.

For such emissions, these shall not exceed the limits specified in the relevant product standard, or the requirements of Table J. Data dn with loads likely to contribute to the 9. Future development for BS EN The verification has been split in to 2 sections, 1 covering Construction and 1 covering Performance, the clauses below refer to those in BS EN