NO RELIGIONby Buddhadasa Bhikkhu Translated from the Thai by Bhikkhu Punno First electronic edition: September Buddha-Dhamma. No Religion. I didn’t come here today to give any formal lecture or sermon, but to have an informal chat among friends. I hope that you all agree to this so that we. No Religion – Buddhadasa Bhikkhu, Chaiya, Thailand – 7th June Buddhadasa Bhikku “The morality of the young is peace for the world”.

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Old folks be alert, practice at being children again. The integral practice used to focus the mind.

People always responded to his straightforward, practical and scientific approach. Sometimes, when only a few words or even just a few syllables are uttered, the ordinary listener finds Dhamma language paradoxical, completely opposite to the language he speaks.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu: No Religion

It can’t be eastern or western, southern or northern. A Buddhist Thinker for the Modern World. There is only nature, only Dhamma. We are afraid to think that there is no religion, vuddhadasa there is no Buddha, Dhamma, or Sangha.

This is another kind of language. Being without buddhaddasa is the highest form of happiness. Still, such divisions occur because people haven’t yet realized this nameless truth for themselves. Then, there is the language which is spoken by those who understand reality Dhammaespecially those who know and bhiikhu reality in the ultimate sense.

His positive, selfless legacy will live on for generations, to see a new dawn for humanity, where we all realize the truth. They are evidently more at peace, their minds become more pure, altering on a molecular level. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.



Buddhism is more a philosophy than a religion, more a science with practical results. There is only a bkddhadasa nature which can be called whatever we like. It can’t be black, brown, yellow, red, or white. To ask bhkkkhu readers questions about No Religionplease sign up. Never quarrel this is losing sight of what it is to be human. Promotion, more money, health to family members etc was asked for.

Views Read Edit View history. We believe that they are wrong and we are right, that we are special and have a special calling, and that only we have the truth and the way to salvation. With practice this subtle state can be tuned into regularly and refined. Only the ego sees differences and confusion. He budxhadasa a cold bucket bath from a tap behind his room.

Whether it will be understood or not is something else, depending upon the listener, and has nothing to do with the truth or with religion.

Benjamin marked it as to-read Jul 09, Heartwood of the Bodhi Tree. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Even while doing good, supporting buedhadasa temples and monks, and observing the precepts, their only objective is to get something, they even want to get more in return than they gave.

We know this because a few have succeeded. You are commenting using your WordPress. Standing in an Open Field. Thanks for telling us about the problem. They will inevitably experience some disappointment, discomfort, sadness, anxiety or pain. Taking it to the next bhikkju, we can look at pure water as consisting rsligion only two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. I joined the 10 day meditation course in June and would come to realise the importance of silence and sitting still.

Buddhadasa, states John Powers — a professor of Asian Studies and Buddhism, offered a “rationalist interpretation” and called “the whole question of rebirth to be foolish”.


He held talks with leading scholars and clergy of various faiths. Return to Book Page. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Human experience, Conciousness, Self and the search for the unfindable “I”, anything else of interest. But we dare not think like this.

no religion – Buddhadasa Bhikku

No boundaries, only compassion. Religious scholar Donald K. However, Buddhadasa was skeptical of his fame; when reflecting on the busloads of visitors to Suan Mokkh he would say, “sometimes I think many of these people just stop here because they have to visit the bathroom.

Preview — No Religion by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu. The essential nature of water is always the same and never changes.

Although we be monks, nuns, novices, lay devotees, or whatever, we aware of only the buddhadaza, the outer covering which makes us think or religion is different from the other religions. Average people will insist that these waters are completely different, because people take external appearances as their criteria. Children show very little sign of ego. Nor can it be Buddhist, Christian, Islamic, or anything else. When we realize it is all just natural phenomena, ordinary stuff, all inherently empty of everything, including pain etc, life becomes easier to handle.

He just figured something out himself, after sitting under a Bodhi Tree for a while.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Although they may say there is Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, Islam, or whatever, they will also say that buddharasa religions are inwardly the same.