Exhilaration and drudgery, passion and exhaustion, exist side by side for dancers in the exalted Manhattan Ballet, a world unto itself, which. Summary: A quiet but very realistic look at the struggle ballet dancers have and what happens when a girl has to choose between her career. Bunheads by Sophie Flack is a young adult novel inspired by the author’s experiences as a New York City Ballet dancer. The book Bunheads is not related the.

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The dialogue was natural and perfectly fitting, the setting was so descriptive but not too lengthy, and the theme of the story was so well planted.

The plot sounded good when I read it on the cover and I was drawn in by Sophie’s writing, but I can’t even begin to tell you my extreme annoyance with Hannah’s uncertainty and her lack of confidence view spoiler [ I was very disappointed by her decision to give up ballet and become a college student- dance isn’t something you just throw away, especially if you’re that high up- she should’ve sticked with it, giving it up for a boy is ridiculous, and her parents going along with her decision to throw away years of money and effort is absurd.

And the person to impress at the Manhattan Ballet Company, to rise in the ranks and stand bunheadds from the corps, is Blok Klein — retired dancer, now choreographer extraordinaire. Oct 11, Savannah Books With Bite rated it it was amazing. Bunhesds was nice to read a story about a woman who wasn’t trying to choose a guy over a career, but rather a LIFE over a career.

LibrisNotes: Bunheads by Sophie Flack

By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Again, I’m so glad I read this book, and I don’t think you’ll be dissapointed if you choose to read it as well.

But then she meets musician Jacob, and she realises just what she’s missed out on while growing up like this. A “bra” is a four letter word.

She dances several ballets a night and rehearses and trains all day long. But the sheen is wearing off for Hannah. She must decide if ballet is what her life’s work will be, or if she should leave bunheadw company and be more than “an unsung hero in the back line. I just saw a gif on Facebook that said “I have a sleep disorder. It’s hard to say and even at the end, it’s difficult to know if Hannah has made the right choice for herself or not.


And then you read about Hannah, who isn’t sure if she wants buunheads anymore, and it just resonates so deeply with the hopes and dreams and worries you have inside that you feel inclined to root for her. I thought that the relationships in this book were very well written. The characters are so true-to-life that I still expect to see Zoe at the Koch theater or see Hannah and Jacob walking across the plaza.

: Bunheads (): Sophie Flack: Books

Details have been changed, but fans of ballet will nonetheless relish the inside scoop. Some of my favourite moments in this book are when Hannah steps outside her comfort zone with or without Jacob and realises how restricted her daily routine has become.

It was so interesting to see into the world of dancers and I have to say that I’m really glad it’s not as creepy as Black Swan! I too am intrigued. This isn’t an over-dramatised tale hunheads death and romance, there’s no blood and no gore, it’s just a novel about ballet dancing in its barest form and I was surprised to find that this was more than enough.

I guess I was expecting something more like Gail Formans Where She Went where the music careers where the back drop, and the emotions took center stage. I, for one, am glad the author wrote buneads story the way she did and I will be on the look out for her future works. As her on-again, off-again relationship with Jacob develops, Hannah begins to reconsider her life and her goals. I almost gave up on it halfway through the story.

Bunheads by Sophie Flack

The main character, Hannah, develops and has the same boik throughout the entire book but it takes her bjnheads to make the choice she’s obviously been making all along. If you do, you just might find a beautiful story of self-discovery and deciding what matters most. She excels at label-dropping, describing friendships tinged with jealousy and detailing every step required to break in toe shoes. This is a great look at how a girl’s dream ok, passion and obsession with becoming a ballerina can change as she becomes a woman.

Author Sophie Flack danced with the New York City ballet for nine years before writing this book so she shares with us first-hand information on exactly bunheasd goes on behind closed doors and what goes into this kind of profession. After those two hours, we go home to our sleeping families and dream of flying.


I was seeing this book. My leaps are abysmal. It took a while for chemistry to build up between them and I did feel sorry for both of them a lot of the time. Given the amount I’ve read, I would say I know a fair amount more about ballet than the average reader probably does.

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This book gave me no more insight into the ballet world than Center Stage did, and bbunheads least Center Stage made it exciting if not incredibly cheesy. I mean after all She danced with the New York City Ballet from until I see bolk rows of lights spinning overhead, and I feel like I’m flying. I’ve spent the day bunhrads my head off, but that won’t stop me from reading my new book till at least 12 tonight, or any other night.

This is a book I’ve known about before it was released. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. Posted by About me at Every Tuesday night, I gather with about 15 other women real women who have curves including a woman who is 9 months pregnant with her 9th child. The Love Interest I was impressed that she managed to throw in a complete love triangle in a bunheadz novel.

It is clear that Sophie Flack, the author, has an incredible knowledge of ballet and the inner workings of ballet groups.

Highly recommended for readers of all ages, although it might be a tad scary for the younger set who had their hopes pinned to their tutus. Please provide an email address. Throughout the book Hannah and her peers struggle to maintain a work life bok and find time for themselves while working towards the next levels of their careers. Open Preview See a Problem? It was a nice break from the usual books I read and the story was wonderful. I’m really interested in dancing and reading, so can anyone suggest a novel that combines both?

Sophie’s Flack writing and description is simple and beautiful.