The following reference provides an interesting account of the larval biology of Bursatella leachii plei, a subspecies from the west Atlantic. It also has an. Hi I am from New Zealand and I need to find out wot eats the sea hare bursleac. htm Bursatella leachii for a project at school. I need to write wot they eat and wot . Sea hares may secrete a purple dye. But don’t tease them to make them do this. Although they can be quite large, they are well camouflaged. Watch your step!.

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Bursatella in prawn ponds From: Fabio Crocetta, November 20, Re: Lisa Overstreet, July 19, Why so many sea slugs?? Bursatella leachii or Bursatella leachi?

Bursatella leachii

World Atlas of Marine Fauna. Related messages Bursatella leachii from Thailand From: Pulau Sekudu, May Bursatella washing ashore East Florida From: It has a broad and short head. Bursatella leachii or Bursatella leachi?


Bursatella leachii Observed at S. John Pogonoski, August 15, Bursatella? Have a look at the Bursatella leachii Page where there is plenty of information on this animal.

Boris Weitzmann, January 29, Re: Bursatella leachii by Alexander Semenov. Richard WillanMay 30, Re: Rob See, January 8, Re: Graham Bould, March 27, Re: Distribution in Singapore on this wildsingapore leachi map. Anis, April 30, Bursatella leachii from Croatia From: Cheryl Bodden, July 16, What type is this?

Bursatella leachii – Wikipedia

Fabio Crocetta, November 20, Re: Valda Fraser, April 14, Re: Boris Weitzmann, January 29, Re: Levent Cavas, March 23, Re: Umut Tural, January 13, Bursatella leachii defense From: Nudibranchs of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay. Bursatella from New Brusatella Wales From: Bursatella leachii from Florida – egg mass From: Basically with a daily behavior, specimens tend to concentrate at night, scattering around every morning to feed. There seem to be at least 3, possibly 4, animals clustered together.

Adults lack any internal shell ElachiiKaplanRupert and Fox But don’t tease them to make them do this.


The larvae probably only attach to the substrate in the presence of blue-green algae from which they can feed. Bursatella leachii Laguna Bursatells, Bacoli, Napoli.

Smithsonian Marine Station

Aplysiidae Gastropods described in Under normal conditions it is believed that this species can live a little over one year. Juveniles reach sexual maturity at months of age Paige Bursatella leachii Scientific classification Kingdom: Eggs in top right corner?

Ment Nguyen, January 23, Re: Bursatella leachii in northeastern Spain From: World Register of Leachji Species at http: Jan Clark, August 15, ‘shaggy dog’ slug from Queensland From: Blue spots but no fine lines. Help on Bursatella April 12, From: Anis, April 30, Bursatella leachii from Croatia From: Richard WillanMay 30, Re: