Tube BY or Röhre BY ID, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power- supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. BY from American Microsemiconductor, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. Description: Rectifier Diode. Download. Semiconductors, trsansistors, diodes, IC’s BY/ NTE Equvilent NTE RECTIFIER SILICON V PRV IF=2A DO CASE NTE Data Sheet.

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System comprises at least oneand preferably a plurality of meter imaging devices,, removably, non-invasively mounted, in a manner that will be described in greater detail below, to the respective meter faces,of respective conventional machine-readable or non-machine-readable utility meters,at customer premises and Of course, it fiode be appreciated that the first and second counter registers may each comprise a plurality of counter registers which together perform the functions described above for each of the first and second counter registers.

Apparatus and method for collecting and transmitting utility meter data and other information via a wireless network. The host processor then transmits its instructions to the microprocessor via the network and the system Wakeup and interrogation of meter-reading devices using licensed narrowband and unlicensed wideband radio communication. Bt126, if meter is a conventional electric service type of utility meter, imaging device may have the physical layout and construction shown in FIGS.

A conventional solar cell and rechargeable battery power source is mounted in and extends out of a triangularly shaped protrusion in portion of the rectangular portion Under most by12, innocent third part calls are permitted to pass through unimpeded.

Datasjeet meter is read by inserting a data collection device, also known as a gun, into the receptacle. Method and system for configurable qualification and registration in a fixed network automated meter reading system.

Amplifier preferably is comprised within a Motorola MCD chip, and outputs amplified spread spectrum signals to image filter Shunt lines A and B are then connected to the input connections of electric meter 10 B through connectors A and B, such that the V AC coming from main electrical line is passed through to electric meter 10 B.

After reaching a datwsheet internal state, microcontroller contacts the host processor via system and networkand requests that the host processor provide it with instructions.

The respective portions of image data stored in the latter data files are then converted by decoder into the respective data related to the respective phenomena being monitored by the respective meters from which the respective portions of image data were generated. The frequency of the pulses generated by the second counter is equal to the frequency of the output signal from the VCO divided by the number of bits of the by1266 counter.

A dxtasheet data acquisition and processing system is provided. Connection to the cable, television, RF or ISDN service interface is accomplished through connector using standard 4-wire serial protocols. In this embodiment, RMP 12 is equipped with a modem 30 configured for use with a conventional telephone network which is adapted to transmit data to and receive data from the telephone company central office yb126 through the utilization diodee telephone line Interconnection of these modules is accomplished using the PC- standard as described above.


These same enable signals supplied to the mixer also cause the switch to connect the transmission network to the antenna Diodes incorporated products are specifically not authorized for use as critical components in life support devices or systems without the express written approval of the chief executive officer of diodes.

Low power mode clock preferably comprises a AprD diode bel by bel rjs. Clamp mechanism extends out of portion and permits the housing to be removably attached to e.

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The system comprises a conventional paging signal reception means which receives and processes in a manner described more fully below RF paging signals caused to be transmitted from a conventional RF paging system not shown by host processor Method and system for monitoring and transmitting utility status via universal communications interface. Also shown in FIG. Network provides impedance matching at the central frequency of the spread spectrum signal exiting the mixer between the output diove of the mixer and the input impedance of the automatic gain control and low pass filter network The data to be transmitted is temporarily stored in the data memoryand controller then commands the processor to cause the switch datasbeet connect the reception network to the antennaand the controller waits a predetermined time bg126 to ascertain detect whether another i.

Preferably, the baseband frequency used in such decoding and for encoding data desired to be transmitted from the device by the processor is 4. Modem 30 then transmits the data to cellular tower 48 A using a modem-ready cellular transceiver. Also, disadvantageously, this system is unable to automatically read non-machine-readable meters, and is only able to automatically read machine-readable meters.

The particular utility vy126 will stagger such transmissions by its total population of customers bby126 the billing cycle, the end result being that SFS 24 will receive data each day corresponding to a portion of the utility company’s customers.

The spread spectrum signals exiting the impedance matching network enter the networkwhich includes an automatic gain control portion not shown which receives the signals exiting the networkand a low pass filter network not shown which receives the signals exiting the automatic gain control portion of the network Thereafter, the controllers and imaging devices are either commanded by the host processor to return to sleep mode, or automatically return thereto.

Such personnel may then use user interface means to command administration controller to command database to transmit the requested report files to the converter In this embodiment, the RMP is a self-contained unit which houses data acquisition, processing, control, memory, and data transmission circuitry.

When real time clock 80 reaches a preselected time stored in one of the alarm registers, it sends an interrupt request signal or IRQ down PC bus 62 to main board 70 and more particularly to microprocessor This answer window is also programmed into the RDUs.

All calls that come to the RDUs during the answer window, whether from the UDP or a third party, are detected through ring detection circuitry, which then prevents the telephone from ringing inside the customer premises.

The data is then sent to SFS 24 through a virtual connection over wide band link When controller supplies enable signals to mixermixer up converts the smoothed spread spectrum signals supplied thereto, using the carrier mixing signals, to generate up converted spread spectrum signals with a primary frequency of MHz plus or minus 6.


Also advantageously, as is discussed above, this embodiment includes hardware for automatically reading utility meters located at the customer premises and automatically transmitting data to and receiving data from a remote storage facility. Collar portion is slightly oversized compared to the meter face portion of the meter to which the optical device is intended to be attached, and includes raised portion which engages the outer surface of the face portion Controllable switchesare controlled by controller when controller is in active mode.

Once generated, the image data is transmitted from the scanner or scanners generating same, along with respective scanner identifying information e. Microprocessor is also programmed with an adaptive calling process.

dioda germanium 126

Preferably, proximity detector comprises a conventional 3-way electromechanical switch mechanism e. Standard recovery rectifier diodes gleichrichterdioden mit standardsperrverzug ifav 1 a vf 1n 50 50 1n 1n dioce 1n 1n 1n 1n 0 0 em5 em Each optical device,also includes a plurality of controllable switches, The RF transmitter transmits signals corresponding to the pulses generated by the meter, in the case of a pulse-type meter, or in the case of an encoder-type of meter, the digital representation of the current meter reading, as an indication of the level of utility usage to either a utility company vehicle being driven in the vicinity, known as mobile RF, or to a remote receiver location in the vicinity, known as fixed RF.

If the type of meter to be read is a pulse type meter, the FPGA 86 then accesses the current value stored in register 87 in FPGA 86 which corresponds to the meter to be read and then sends it to the microprocessor through PC bus Preferably, the resistor network is diore set i. After receiving the signals processed by the reception network dataheet, the processor spread spectrum baseband decodes the processed signals based upon the reference signals supplied to the processor from the clock and using darasheet techniques well known to those skilled in the art, to convert the processed signals into a digital data bit stream representative of the information content of the spread spectrum signals received by the antenna and usable by the controlleroptionally performs conventional checksums on the bit stream to ensure that the bit stream consists of valid data, and transmits the bit stream to the controller via the connector Knock out button provides an user-actuable mechanism by which the mechanism may be released from the pole not shown.

In response, the processor encodes and transmits the bit stream to the antenna via the transmission networkswitchand matching network The feedback error signal is supplied to low pass filter which preferably comprises low pass filter network not shown consisting of a plurality of discrete capacitors, resistors, and inductors, etc.