Transistor 2SC, 2SC Silicon NPN epitaxial planer type For low- frequency power amplification and driver amplification Complementary to 2SA and. 2SC NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR C 1. Data Code. L: Lead Free. G: Halogen Free. UTC. 2SC Data Code. L: Lead Free. 2SC Transistor Datasheet pdf, 2SC Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics.

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Antique Radio Forums • View topic – Replacing Transistors

Base-emitterTypical Application: For this device, the xatasheet number should include a final letter: Transistor manufacturers provide this information in terms of thermal resistance for each transistor package.

Amplifier modules like Audio amplifiers, signal Amplifier etc. Aug Thu 26, 7: I asked a learned electronics friend about the strange choice of transistor, and he told me that it was probably a case of they had lots of a particular type on hand in the production run so they used those although they might not have been optimum for the application, but they worked ok!

The actual number may be 2SC I have a Marantz B that needs some attention. We shall limit our discussion to the horizontal deflection transistorat frequencies around 16kHz. In the Six, thecorresponding indirect registers. Some strategies you might employ include working the substitution lists backwards. The molded plastic por tion of this unit is compact, measuring 2.


Aug Thu 26, The value of this resistor R B can be calculated using below formula. The Fairchild cross lists 7 different semiconductors that they produce as a substitute. This may, or may not be important in your application. What is the transistor doing? The maximum admissible junction temperature must not be exceeded because this could damage or destroy the transistor die.

2SC1384 . Datasheet. Equivalente. Reemplazo. Hoja de especificaciones. Principales características

No, create an account now. I will let you know if that code was useful in our shops. If the power in any external transistor exceeds the programmed thresholdthe power threshold is calculated based on the characteristic of the transistors used. So, about the asthetics it’s not mhuc of a problem in fact if i can use TO as a package i think it’s better for me so i’ll be safe.

To bias a transistor we have to supply current to base pin, this current I B should be limited to 5mA. Do you already have an account? You can go to their website to see if yours is on their list. IE a 2SC will be just C Previous topic Next topic.

Too lengthy a subject to go into here. Never assume it is the same. Is it highly important that it be matched? I can see why that was running hot. This is not always the case.


Based on dayasheet above posts, I’m trying my hand at doing some substitution. Your name or email address: A Transistors acts as an Amplifier when operating in Active Region. For those that don’t know It’s package is a tall TO, with the collector on the center lead. A Panasonic data sheet is at: What are they and how critical are they? BC has a gain value of tothis value determines the amplification capacity of the transistor.

Aug Thu 26, 1: A couple of faulty transistors were found to be the cause. The base oil of Toshiba Silicone Grease YG does not easily separate and thus does not adversely affect the life of transistor. If you don’t mind ugly, you can parallel two to four garden-variety NPN transistors to make a replacement for this part. I want to order through Mouser and they daatsheet have a substitute listed, but if I check the Fairchild’s cross, Fairchild has a dqtasheet of different types that cross to the original.