The Masoneilan® Camflex control valve is based on an elegant design – one which is uncomplicated yet attentive to all the right details. Designed as an. Known worldwide for their quality and durability, BHGE’s Masoneilan rotary control valves deliver the dependability you need to simplify maintenance, and. Description: The Series is a double-ported valve with top and bottom stem guiding and is suitable for high-pressure drop applications with dirty fluid.

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Open the catalog to page 2.

The Camflex II valve is a heavy-duty, automatic-throttling control valve that is flangeless or flanged and includes unique self-aligning eccentric rotating plug that provides tight shutoff and low dynamic forces. A large variety of reduced-trim options valvse available in all sizes The triple, over-sized bearing system provides exceptional plug shaft guiding Resources Masoneilan Product Description Masoneilan Maintenance Manual Request A Quote.

Masoneilan 35002 Series Camflex II Control Valve

Open the catalog to page 3. Have questions or need a configuration you don’t see? We are a licensed instrumentation contractor with practical field experience in all aspects of process control. Once seating occurs, continued shaft rotation causes the plug arm to flex, forcing the plug into deeper contact with the seat Open the catalog to page 9.


Our technicians are well versed in servicing, re-manufacturing, and fine-tuning all major brands of control valves and instrumentation.

Masoneilan Camflex II Series Rotary Control Valve

Masoneilan Product Description. We also fabricate control panels, provide shutdown assistance, and have the ability to customize control loops to customer specification. Providing Exceptionally Reliable Control The Camflex II Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valve is manufactured to high standards using precise techniques, quality craftsmanship, advanced technology, industry knowledge and expertise, and more than years of process control experience.

Offering process plant owners and operators an exceptional control valve choice, GE helps drive results on your key business metrics: Open the catalog to page 8. GE Gas Turbines Group: Such unique features as the standard extended bonnet allow for operation within a wide temperature range.

Series Camflex® II Masoneilan | E.P. & S. english version

Open the catalog to page 6. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.


We are an independent facility that cxmflex the capability to repair, modify, calibrate and install control valves, instrumentation, and related tubing application. Masoneilan Series V-Max?

35002 Series Camflex® II Masoneilan

Its thoughtful design elevates overall product integrity and reduces the risk of component failure and process upset. Reviews There are no reviews yet.

The Online Cmaflex Exhibition. Masoneilan Series Camflex? Our value is evident when you compare our valve with the competition. Camflex Sets the Standard Enhanced Control Performance Camflex II Eccentric Plug Rotary Control Valves effectively offer a combination of superior control performance, simplicity and long-term reliability over a broad range of applications.

Because of its unique seating action, the Camflex plug makes no contact with the seat until it rotates into its full closed position. Open the catalog to page 7. Open the catalog to page Masoneilan Maintenance Manual. Straight through flow pattern provides greater flow capacities.