KCK Eşbaşkanı Cemil Bayık geçtiğimiz haftaki açıklamasında “1 Eylül’e Türkçe’ den Mahmut Hamsici’ye bir röportaj vermiş ve 1 Eylül tarihini. Fotograflar İlker Akgüngör Türkiye ve Ortadoğuda kim PKK ile ortak Cemil Bayık ile söyleşi (30 Ocak )-Tam metin . O tarihten beri biz hep Kürt sorununun demokratik, siyasal yöntemle çözülmesinde ısrar ediyoruz. Cemil Bayık . 13 Ocak tarihinde Çınar, Diyarbakır’da PKK tarafından içerisinde polis lojmanları bulunan İlçe Emniyet Müdürlüğü’ne düzenlenen bombalı.

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This contradiction had produced divergent left-wing nationalisms, one Turkish the other Kurdish, instead of a revolutionary left in Turkey.

Contents – Previous document – Next document. Hence, the increasingly popular question with regard to who will speak for Syrian Kurds in the future. Bozarslan, Hamit Violence in the Middle East: They were not standing on the sideline, supporting, but looking away, or, worse, supporting the force tqrihi oppression, and as such were worse bwyk those who had encouraged the gladiators.

But for the Kurdistan Revolutionaries, bonds of brotherhood between Kurds and Turks were not assumed as though natural, the inevitable and unquestioned union of common cause.

Several leftist organizations were operative in cities and fighting for control, sometimes literally, not only with the far right but also with one other. Social-chauvinism made itself felt within the Revolutionary Movement.

Hülya Oran – Vikipedi

Several soldiers and officers were killed and wounded. The suggestion that Kurdistan was a colony was in conflict with Marxist theory. Nobody takes seriously the claim that the U. For sure you did not to it the right way. Some announce they will make a similar step as the PKK did. The question is why the United States took this significant step and taihi it hopes to accomplish.

A few words on that before wrapping up. The first was a progressive realization of the right to self-determination.


Cemil Bayık

Each of these currents, however, are split into various factions, so the division was much more serious than this simple duality suggest. It did not depict its struggle as an ethnic one, and it envisaged the revolution in Turkey and Kurdistan as an intertwined process in which, tafihi the PKK, the center of gravity lay in Kurdistan.

The idea that members of a year-old terrorist organization can just reinvent themselves overnight is absurd. It is no less laughable that the Americans think they can sell Turkey on a plan that Washington would not consider in the case of al-Qaida or the Nusra Front. The national-democratic revolutionaries were convinced, furthermore, that violent force was necessary to bring about the necessary change Lipovsky However, Dev-Yol claimed, the status of colony could not be asserted on the basis of the cfmil country — this had to be done by analyzing the status of the oppressing country.

Later, cautiously explored in the s, and decisively articulated in the s, the PKK defined the right to self-determination in three inter-related projects: One could argue that the Trump administration intended the move as a goodwill gesture against the backdrop of the Turkey-U. In Turkey the differentiation is not on the basis of nation, but on the basis of class. We were not able to understand why the chairman was behaving with such good intentions to people who had pk, our weapons and wanted to kill our friends.

Is this how you organized the funeral? PKK militants considered themselves Marxists engaged in initiating a revolution with Kurdistan as their focal area.

The first step that the U. Our party leader is Mustafa Kemal. In this article, we will discuss the contentious relationship between the PKK and the left, and the critique of the PKK on the left in Turkey i. Joost Jongerden and Ahmet Hamdi Akkaya. A humanities webjournal centred on the Turkish domain Publisher: Political Islam, Kemalism and the Kurdish Issue.


In this text, the Kurdistan Revolutionaries formulate a scathing criticism of the left in Turkey.

Perspective | The U.S. Rewards Offer for Three Top Leaders of the PKK: A Well-Thought-Out Plan?

The main publication we have used for this study, however, has been a booklet commemorating the killing of Haki Karer in Kemal Pir had managed to escape during the raid. Unlike most Kurdish political parties, which have adopted a rather conservative outlook and been organized around tribal leaders and structures, the PKK originated from pk, left in Turkey and drew its leaders, members and militants from the disenfranchised and marginalized.

The text is credited to the Kurdistan Devrimcileri Kurdistan Revolutionariesthe name by which this small group of committed radicals was known before adopting the name PKK. The Kurdistan Revolutionaries slapped the left in the face with a citation from a speech Che Guevara had given to the Tricontinental international leftist conference in Cuba, a citation moreover, often used by the left itself. The University Press of Chicago.

These talks took place in a rather strained atmosphere, and under a continuous threat of violence. After all, the military were still txrihi power, and for the tarih of an association a list of names of founders and board-members had to be handed over to the police. In Northern Turkish Kurdistan they identified a process distinguished by three phases.

Haki Karer … was engaged in an intensive ideological struggle against social-chauvinism and bourgeois-nationalism. It is not a matter of wishing success to the victim of aggression, but of sharing his fate; one must accompany him to his death or to victory. The coup was followed by a new constitution, the most liberal Turkey had ever had, creating political opportunities for the public expression of leftist politics.