pe c te d to march on Saturday or Sunday next. ” Nov. 2. “The residue o f .. Co Hora tio Davis; John Dick, hatter; tanneries, Patrick. Davis, John Findley, Jos. and John Patterson, Last and the N ext O n e. Hun dred Years. 1 Ext. Hyoscyam.,J (Nux Vomica, 1/16 Chloral Hydrate, 5 gr. Cocaine, 1/20 .. The above Cr liege was removed to Highbury on March?5th, 1£S5. The course. 4, granted to Thomas W. Wilson and Harry Butler on March 8, , for ” improvements in lamps change in the organism ; (2) receptivity, or the power of receivmg impressions from an external jource; Hookin, Wilson & Co. Hora & Co.

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I respectfully beg to intimate that “Keating’ 3 Powder” is now supplied in 3d. With regard to tincture of opium, he had found it possible to practically exhaust the drug if it were used in the moist condition and thoroughly softened with water, the quantity of rectified spirit necessary tD pro- duce the proof strength being subsequently added to the magma. The Ameeigan Cotton- oii. Dover Powder, and 5 gr. Aloock asked how the pharmacist, who was not con- tent unless he made his own tinctures, could economically recover the 2 oz.

This originates from the sharp-pointed shafts of the Malt, which in pounding remain with the pounded malt, and affect the bowels of a child like fine needles. Pbrhy said it was a retrograde step for pharmacists to give up, as many of them did, the making of their tinc- tures and other preparations. Heapchemist and druggist, Piccadilly, Hanlcy, was holding a light near to a vessel containing a pint of benzoline oil, when.

A meeting was held on Monday, November 5, at 17 Blooms- bury Square, to make arrangements for the forthconiing bill, and the following were elected the committee: He accepted the leadership when the Liberal party in the city on the Mersey was in a hopeless condition, but he reduced electioneering organisation to a science, and it was greatly due to his magnificent leadership that two years ago the Liberals secured a majority in the City Council for the first time within half a century.


The completion of peace between China and Japan, and the consequent opening- up of new ports and transfer of the camphor-growing island of Formosa, is the occasion for our pointing out how English commerce will be affected thereby p. The difficulty ia Photography is not the actual taking of the photo —that is simplicity itself — but the subsequent processes are what need the skill and experience.

The Preliminary examination was- not in accordance with the Minor or the Major, and he thought it ought to contain mathematics, and at the same time a higher knowledge of arithmetic. By skillfully weaving his own prose with. At present there was no direct authority for standardising generally, but there was a demand for standardised prepara- tions, and the result was that in the absence of official methods each wholesale house or each pharmacist was leftj to fix the standards, so that uniformity was not likely to exist.

Having gone over the premises he saw the defendant, and talked over the price with him. Mixes instantly without sediment. Its value as a tonic-nutriment and stimulant cannot be over- estimated, and in this character it has been largely pre- scribed of late during convalescence after influenza.

Neve said his client had been to Maidstone on business, and unfor- tunately took a little more than was good for him.

Compare or contrast it with your school’s auditorium or a local professional theater. The Board of Trade have appointed a Departmental Com- mittee to inquire into the extent to which goods made in foreign prisons are imported into this country, and to report whether any, and, if so, what, steps can be taken effectually to restrict the importation of such goods.

The above Essential Oils are absolutely free from the coarse objectionable insoluble lerpenes. A price is counted as one word — as, e.

Full text of “The chemist and druggist [electronic resource]”

Packed in Tins, each containing 8 doz. The prisoner thought he was able to order goods so long as he did not exceed He objected to the author’s conclusions, and especially criticised the statement that 1 cubic foot of Lunge and Rohrmann plate space was as efficient cpm 20 feet of coke-tower space.


The prosecution alleged that prisoner had carried on a similar plan elsewhere.

Gbindlby, and other members con. Only last year the British Pharmaceatical Con- ference visited their to wn for the second time, and the local reporters made gallant efforts to inform the population what they had been talking about. We shall be happy to submit samples and prices upon application, stating quantity and packages marcn. Phesphorue and Iron — Phosphor.

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Exalgine, J, A, 1, and 3 gr. If any difficulty in obtaining, write — Retail at 3d. Aletl, all the BP. Aronson’s antitoxin will not average more than Is.

Guaranteed free from Free Alkali cohroa anything that would damage the Fleece or irritate the Skin of the Sheep. Including two funnels and stopper for charging. Have the participants divide into small groups.

Ms. Houghton’s BTT Page

In 3 tints— Pink, White, and Cream. As the price of technology drops, computers and other digital devices may replace television as we know it.

The Mayor said this was the first case of the kind before- them. McArthur asked for an adjournment, in order that a portion of the sample taken by the Inland Revenue oflicer might be analysed by an independent analyst, it being suggested that there must have been some mistake.

The adjoured examination of this bankrupt was con- cluded in the London Bankruptcy Court on Thursday. Well, you have had a polite reply. AjBietent Fbyaioian to St. Parke, Davis ft Oo. Its calculated composition was: The first directors to number not less than five nor more than seven are: The following are the detailed figures for the two years: And in this case he had it in the window, so that it could be read by passers-by — “Bishop’s Iron-and- Quinine Tonic ” 7 Mr.

Jones had alluded, was an “up-to-date” process, and might well be extended to many other tinctures.