Commenting and Commentaries [Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Joel Beeke] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The student or pastor with a. mitted, and I meant to include two addresses upon Commenting in the proposed tion, and then acatalogue of Commentaries miglit help the student to carry the. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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Much prayer is made by the Church that this end may be accomplished, nor has the prayer been in vain, for some men are now declaring the gospel of Jesus who were trained in this manner. Yet as Poole spent no less than ten years in compiling it, it should be worthy of your frequent notice–ten years, let me add, spent in Amsterdam in exile for the truth’s sake from his native land. Do not be carried away with new meanings. It is unfashionable in England, though somewhat more usual beyond the Tweed.

SGCB | COMMENTING ON COMMENTARIES: A Reference Guide to Buying the Best Books

The first volume is “Lectures to my Students: The “Letters”, edited by Dr. Keith Michael Gilson rated it really liked it Sep 30, Again, “the cabman mounted the box”; “the child was pleased with his Christmas box”; “his lordship is staying at his shooting box”.

If a controversial eye had been turned upon Barnes’s Notes years ago, and his inaccuracies shown up by some unsparing hand, he would never have had the popularity which at one time set rival publishers advertising him in every direction. By the labour of certain learned divines, thereunto appointed, and therein employed, as is expressed in the preface.

Brethren, the whole process of interpretation is to be carried on in your study; you are not to show your congregation the process, but to give them the result; like a good cook who would never think of bringing up dishes, and pans, and rolling pin, and spice box into the dining hall, but without ostentation sends up the feast.

He delivered his comments to his people from Sabbath to Sabbath, hence their peculiar mannerism. Strange to say, like the other great Matthew he did not live to complete his work beyond Isaiah 58; other hands united to finish the design. If I find myself able to do so, at some future time I will introduce you to a selection of the great one book writers. You will often turn to a reference, and will have to say, “Well, it is a reference, certainly, in a way, for it contains the same word, but there is no reference in the sense that the one text will explain the other.


Especially designed for the family circle.

Commenting and Commentaries by C. H. Spurgeon

In his expositions he is not always what moderns would call Calvinistic; that is to say, where Scripture maintains the doctrine of predestination and grace he flinches in no degree, but inasmuch as some Scriptures bear the impress of human free action and responsibility, he does not shun to expound their meaning in all fairness and integrity.

The Institution is intended to aid useful preachers in obtaining a better education. He is unrivalled in felicitous brevity, combined with what seldom accompanies that excellence, namely, perspicuity. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In each case there is the same word, but who does not see that there is a great difference of meaning?

Make remarks suitable to the occasion, and applicable to the cases of those present. Click Here for the full list of commentaries. Is it not always well to notify this to the congregation?

Commenting and Commentaries

He will not maintain any doctrine, however orthodox and essential, by a text of Commentwries which to him appears of doubtful application, or of inadequate force. Gill, “He was a very learned and good man, but has often lost sight of his better judgment in spiritualising the sourgeon this is the very verdict which we pass upon himself, only altering the last sentence a word or two; “He has often lost sight of his better judgment in following learned singularities”; the monkey, instead of the serpent, tempting Eve, is a notable instance.

By the right Rev. The notes are very good, and reveal the thorough scholar. Tischendorf and Alford have contributed largely, with other German and English critics, to make this one of the most lucid and concise commentaries on the text and teachings of the New Testament.

I speak as unto wise men; prove your wisdom in this thing also.

Commenting and commentaries

The like undertaking in such a manner and method being never attempted before. This book is Spurgeon’s Goodreads feed.


Other men and wiser men have expounded before us, and anything undiscovered by them it were well to fommentaries to test and trial before we boast too commsnting of the treasure trove. You can both censure sins and encourage virtues by dilating upon the histories which you read in the inspired records, whereas you might never have touched upon them had not the chapter read brought the matter before you. His writing is all sugar, and you will know how to use it, not devouring it in lumps, but using it to flavour other things.

Those expositions are the safest which keep closest to the text. Again, avoid all pedantry.

Isbister and Co, Ludgate Hill, London. No one text is to be exalted above the plain analogy of faith; and no solitary expression is to cimmenting our theology for us. If you consider Clarke wanting in unction, do not read him for savour but for criticism, and then you will not be disappointed.

By John Trapp, Cmmentaries. When reading short psalms, or connected passages of the other books, do not split up the authors utterances by interjecting your notes. For instance, firmly as he believed the doctrine of the Trinity, he refuses to derive an argument in its ccommentaries from the plural form of the name of God in the first chapter of Genesis.

Friends who appreciate the books will greatly oblige by making them known to others.

Cecil says his plan was, when he laid a hold of a Scripture, to pray over it, and get his own thoughts on it, and then, after he had so done, to take up the ablest divines who wrote upon the subject, and see what their thoughts were. Be thoroughly honest with the word: The Religious Tract Society. For this I hope I shall escape censure, even if I do not win commendation.

The notes are too short and fragmentary to be of any great value.