From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. The 4th novel in the bestselling Conqueror series, continuing the life and adventures of the mighty Khan dynasty. Genghis Khan is dead, but his legend and his. Empire of Silver (Conqueror) [Conn Iggulden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for.

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Don’t let me put you off reading it though.

Empire of Silver (Conqueror , book 4) by Conn Iggulden

In this book, Genghis has previously died and the leadership of the nation is up for grabs. Surely there is another book coming about Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis. At the time, as I was reading them, I thought they were far fetched and I was a bit of a doubting Thomas. This scene is amazing. The author Conn Iggulden doesn’t get dry or stale. Genghis Khan is dead, he is succeeded by his son Ogedai.

This has been a great Historical Fiction series that I have enjoyed so much. Ogedei was a very different Khan then his father Genghis which was a fresh new approach to the story. So we get some decent set piece battles this book, but not as many as in the previous books with Iggulden leaving out some pretty major historical battles in favour of showing how the Mongols spread their cultural and economic influence out from their new Capital.

Often times when I read long novels I tend to skim over some sections, but Iggulden’s writing has me hanging on every word They went into China and cleaned their clock. He turns to see his murderer only to find out it was his own servant and messenger. I warm up to this guy after he spears his younger siblings children of the Xi Xia princess who view spoiler [assassinated Genghis Khan hide spoiler ] from death in the end of the third book, I warm up to him even more when he takes Jochi’s orphaned son in as one of his kin.


I remembered some of it from history class. I warm up to this guy after he spears his younger siblings children of the Xi Xia princess who view spoiler [assassinated Genghis Khan hide spoiler ] from death in the end of the third book, I warm up My review for epmire prequel: Oct 24, Teresa rated it really liked it Shelves: The Gods of War, Emperor: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

An excellent book full of excitement and thrill. This was the more action packed part of the book. I am no longer the man who let you live. Books by Conn Iggulden. Historical fiction readers on some sites extolled his story telling, but felt he played a little fast and loose with historic facts in his Roman series. It was already well established that Iggulden is incredibly well read with the historical aspect of the story and of course with the extremely vivid battle sequences, but re “Time slipped like oil through his hands and he could not hold a single instant of it” His son Ogedai becomes khan, but not without incident.

Sorhatani works bravely, tirelessly, and very shrewdly to keep order in Karakorum as Ogedai grows weaker. I find Iggulden’s explanations at the end of empkre book justifying some of his decisions for the plot to be fascinating. Only the death of the Khan and the fact that his heir was in the front lines and needed eilver return to claim his birthright prevented the likelihood of most of Europe becoming part of the Mongol empire. Ogedai himself moves east for further conquest in China.

The continued expansion of the empire founded by Genghis results in some epic battle scenes, which Mr Iggulden brings to life, as well as some fascinating description of strategy. Initially, it took me longer to become engrossed in this novel: The settings are sweeping, the descriptions vivid and the myriad characters well-rounded.


Paragon Publishers; Large type edition edition December 1, Language: Just the basics really.

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It takes precious time, that we really don’t have these days. It will be interesting to see how the empie son of the fourth son of Genghis Khan takes up his grandfather’s legacy in the final book of the series.

But also tragic, in that with all his gifts, he had no empkre and would never take a ruling role. General Subodai last conquest in the far lands of Russia, Hungary and Poland making him the greatest conqueror ever by crossing huge distances in short time and devastating larger armies with creative war tactics in harsh winter weather. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. As one brother awaits his fate, another awaits his moment to seize power, while spies and assassins play out the empife and destinies of their masters.

If I had read silevr book as a standalone, without its three predecessors, I think that I may have awarded it five stars. Probably not and that would have been my loss. Genghis built an Empire and remained virtually unchallenged as khan by virtue of the fact there was no one with the same force of will and personality to oppose his absolute hold on the Mongol tribes.

Only the death of a single man, resulting in the continuing struggle for an empire, saved Western Europe from utter destruction; according to Iggulden. Showing of reviews. The strong right arm of Genghis and Ogedai, he was the military power behind the throne.

Open Preview See a Problem? They fought constantly for generations but always a new location, new odds, ot strategy, new obstacles. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. They have varying personalities, goals, dreams, while still keeping a igguledn of humor.