Find great deals for Dolby Laboratories CP Digital Cinema Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Dolby CP series is designed for easy operation in today’s multiplex environment. A variety of models provide flexibility of configuration choices from film. Dolby CP Dolby Digital Cinema Sound Processor: : Industrial & Scientific.

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Check Bypass Supply Mains Voltage Setting The bypass power supply mains voltage selector switch is accessible through a hole in the top cover of the CP Figure shows the switch location.

If changing both the device and the selection does not eliminate the dloby, the problem is in the CP, probably on the Cat. Wait while the system automatically calibrates to the room reading. If a previous CP setup has been performed, restore the original optical surround delay setting menu noted in the step above.

Thread and play a Cat. With an automation system connected to Unplug the D-connector from the back of the CP Display only Channel 2, and adjust trigger level to lock on to the clamp signal. Turn the front panel knob with no button pressed to select the active band. If CP still does not come on, check fuse behind plastic door in AC mains power inlet module located on the rear of the unit.

Digital print format has robust error correction dolgy encoded along with the audio data, and the CP uses a powerful digital error correction technique, allowing the data to be read perfectly even if scratches and dirt are present.

While this was never intended to be a feature of the remote port, it may be possible to command the CP to change the fader level, select any one of the eight front-panel formats, and to toggle the mute status.


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Options available for the CP include a remote fader Cat. Dplby 0—10 display setting is 7. If you have closed the CP Setup program or opened another settings parameter file. Enter text from picture: An easy-to-read LCD screen and simple front-panel format selection and control keys help simplify operation of the CP, as well as installation and service.

Dolby Laboratories CP650 Digital Cinema Processor

If the CP is to be used in a platter operation single projectora jumper must be installed on this connector between pins 1 and 5. Page 59 Confirm that the cell wiring and connections are correct. Upgradable software also helps to ensure the CP’s role in the future, while a built-in Ethernet interface opens up a new world of remote control and monitoring applications.

The right-hand OK button is used to accept the setting displayed on the front panel screen and store it in CP memory. Verify that the LED or exciter lamp in the digital film Bsl and Bsr channelsand Rs. If you wish to use a connector already wired for use with a Dolby CP, add a jumper between pins 5 and 6.

Any changes to settings will occur immediately, but will not be saved until this button is pressed. These connections are inactive on model CPSR.

CP Installation Manual Accessories 8. To prevent wear on the cable from the metal edge of the hole you create, use a rubber or neoprene grommet on the cable. Press main power button. Back Panel Connectors B. Addressing the future of exhibition, the Dolby CP has an expansion slot that provides a convenient upgrade path to new develop-ments, such as multichannel audio decoding for digital cinema.

The CP screen cursor line blinks to indicate which band is active.

Set the oscilloscope display a. Press rolby OK menu button to save the desired EQ setting. List Of Figures Figure 9—3 Cat. Open the CP front panel setup access door.


It is actually easy to convert dopby one interface to the other. The complete set of known settings may be queried by using the Even though there are differences in the connectors used and the interface impedance, the format of the bitstream is generally the same.

Unplug the serial cable from the source CP and plug it into the destination CP Page 88 – Cat. Thread and play a Dolbh Tone test film, Cat. If this procedure does not improve the response, cp65 problem may be a degraded slit or lens damage. The motor start connector is used to interconnect the changeover control lines of the CP with the theatre control system.

Actual theatre geometry affects the amount of surround delay required, therefore you may wish to set the delay manually.

Calibrates CP internal Enter room readings Page Bsl and Bsr channelsand Rs. Final Adjustments Setting Digital Surround Delay The CP automatically calculates a typical digital surround delay based on the optical surround delay setting performed in the previous section.

See Chapter 9, section 9. CP Installation Manual Accessories The wire to the CP must run from the connection point on the circuit board without touching any circuit board components. The CP provides automatic or manual facilities for optical, or slit-loss, high frequency equalization. Make sure that the rollers do not touch. LED Cp60 Confirmation and Adjustment The optimum peak video signal voltage unobstructed light through the perf hole is 4 V, measured from the 0 V reference baseline to the upper trace.