Cracked by K M Walton – book cover, description, publication history. Bullying gets a thorough examination in Walton’s YA debut, a stark, but often heavy-handed story that alternates between the perspectives of. I have had Cracked by KM Walton in my TBR pile for an obnoxious amount of time, at least two years which is totally unreasonable as it is so.

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The plot was good but seemed to end up too perfect and the focus on the romance seemed a bit much. Bull’s the bully but acts that way because that’s the way he’s grown up.

Cracked by KM Walton | Book Review

I cared for both Bull and Victor, understanding their issues and problems. Bull and Victor hate each other.

Upon awakening, they both find themselves in the psychiatric ward, as roommates. Bull lets out his aggression and Victor lets him. You aren’t there to get laid or find your soul mate or make any longstanding relationship.

Cracked by K.M. Walton

Their issues were clearly connected to the things that had happened to them in their lives. This story seemed more of a lesson in “don’t judge a book by its cover” than in bullying.

I liked how the dual perspectives were done, where each chapter is sort of mirrored to the previous one. Grandmother arrives in time to calland Victor awakens in the psych ward of the hospital. April always has a book on hand.

They never show him any love. This novel had a lot of potential, but it went in a very different direction than I’d hoped.

Comments The Bookish Manicurist says: I was hoping for a lot more interacting between them since there was so much for them to work through side-by-side, but instead view spoiler [ both boys were turned around by girls. A few of the “you can do it” speeches were so poetically perfect that I rolled my eyes, but at least the book gets a positive point across.


Cracked by KM Walton | Book Review | Good Books & Good Wine

While I don’t have any experience with suicide, I’ve been given the impression that this is a serious struggle for a lot of people. When they, too, had just days before attempted suicide. A magic cure is bad enough, but then they both fall in love in this psych ward k.m.waltob four days?

The only person who ever goes to the graveyard besides Bull yb an old groundskeeper and well, Bull knows how to avoid the groundskeeper. The lie spares Bull a stint in juvie, but five days in the booby hatch with a bunch of losers will be challenging. April 4, at 6: Bull you aren’t supposed to expect to be intelligent and Victor isn’t supposed to have any problems at home.

Not everyone has a long-lost relative ready to step in a fight for them. It renews the fire within me to make the world a better, safer place–to stand up and have a voice.

I coveted it immediately, and my editor was kind enough to slip me a copy. Victor and Bull are so well drawn, so heartbreakingly described that the story gets under your skin.

Mary BookSwarm recently posted. Someone’s been using you as an outlet for their rage for over a decade??

This part is a spoiler for the book. This is supposedly a mental health novel but this is the furthest thing from accurate to mental health in the entire world. He finds a loaded gun and threatens his grandfather, Pop, with it and somehow ends up shot in the leg. Victor comes from a home where there is money. Cracked is fast-paced, and both boys have great, believable voices. The other issue I had with the plot was that it ended up way too neatly.

If one of them had had this experience, I’d have been okay with it. Bullying is an important issue, and, while I’m glad more authors are taking up the issue, I didn’t feel that this book did a good job addressing it.


Loved this author’s writing style as well as story line. Cracked encourages readers by normalizing pain — we all deal with it; what matters is how we deal with it.

Most of bg situations in the hospital felt out of place. That said, I nearly kk.m.walton the book down in the first 30 pages. Through the people that they meet, the boys discover who they truly are and what’s worth living for. He is an outcast with no friends. Nov 06, Lenore Appelhans rated it it was amazing Shelves: As his name might suggest, Bull is the bully here and Victor is his target.

Children’s Book Review: Cracked by K.M. Walton. Simon Pulse, $ (p) ISBN

Any use of an author photo must include its respective photo credit Cracked By K. But the actual book didn’t work for me; Cracked turned out to be too melodramatic and unrealistic for me to enjoy the novel. My issues with the book were larger than I’d hoped they would be but I still enjoyed the novel.

Someone’s been using you as an outlet for thei My biggest problem with this book is that Victor’s life is portrayed as some zero sum game with absolutely everything against him, but then it all gets fixed with little to no effort on his part. Victor is a loner and Bull bullies him. There was another person looking out for him for a long time, and when he realizes who it was, his outlook on life changes a lot.

Will Enjoyed reading this book so so so much!!! It did seem a bit cliche for them to both have such serious problems; that seemed almost like a setup for the book.