I picked up the Cryx card deck because I was needing Ripjaw stat cards and it didn’t have any in it. Was my deck messed up? How do I get this. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Warmachine Cryx Stat Card Faction Deck MK II PIP at Read honest and unbiased. Arm yourself for battle with the Warmachine: Cryx – Faction Deck (Mk III). This box contains stat cards for every Cryx model released before June 1,

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This box set contains 10 models in white metal. These pirates are hardy due in part to the blight toughening their bodies but much more so because their lives are brutal and their battles frequent.

Inflictors are fiercely protective of their masters and use their considerable mass and armor to shield them at all costs. The Reaper can fire its harpoon to sink deep into flesh or steel before reeling in its victim with frightening speed to within range of its vicious helldriver spike. Scharde Pirates form the front lines of the Slaughter Fleet Raiders. Please Visit Our Advertisers.

Every battle serves to swell their ranks as their necrosurgeons pick the charnel fields clean and imbue the corpses with fell magic, mechanikal augmentation, and a lust for destruction. She retained great insights from her time in the void, but her mind was fractured and changed. The armies of Cryx spread like a cancer across the nations of western Immoren. They particularly enjoy the first bite of living flesh that has been blackened and satt by their torches, and they find the smell of burning meat exquisite.

The models are made from high quality, easy to build, faction coloured plastic and look amazing. These crgx uncontrollable constructs are more than mere killing machines, though; statt are an accomplishment of malign intent.

Axiara Wraithblade brings a wide variety of support options to her army. Lets take a look at what Bane Witch Agatha brought to battle.

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Pre-order with your Coqui Account Manager today! The murderously aggressive Seethers were created for slaughter, a task they achieve with singular efficiency. Using the horrific soul drives grafted to their cortexes, these abominations extract energy from the rage of souls bound for endless torment in order to fuel their own dark predations. Screening Bloodgorger or Marauder units is a common use of Scharde Pirates while they surge ahead to tie up enemy troops.

Now it is time for those legends to mentor the next generation of heroes.

Privateer Press April Releases

The weapon is a relic of Satyx, purified by blood priestesses in a ritual of carnage to infuse it with occult power. In a blur of billowing smoke, screaming metal, and bleeding hydraulics, just a few Deathrippers can strip a light warjack down to its components within minutes.

Cryyx of the living humans who serve Cryx do so as part of the pirate raiding fleets. They are very affordable and have models you would want to use even in bigger battles. They are notorious for being willful and bloodthirsty scoundrels of volatile temperament. These abominations work tirelessly to spread their necromantic dominion across the Iron Kingdoms. Bane Witch Agatha is a deceivingly fast model.

Wraithblade earned her moniker from the blood-consecrated sword Anathema she wields.

Cryx Battlegroup Box | All New War

Their reanimated bodies are augmented with two heavy gauntlets powered by dark energies and steam pressure. Because of these spray attacks, the Scharde Pirates benefit well from reductions in enemy defenses. Begin your journey with the Cryx today.

It is a powerful heavy warjack that can be kept relatively safe with her feat. Privateer Press Item Code: They burrow up from underground lairs or swarm ashore from the dreaded blackships that sail the coastlines of the Iron Kingdoms powered by ghostly winds. For decades, her mind was lost to the void, enduring a nightmarish hellscape.


The battle group contains a core rules booklet, an in-depth tutorial, and a full battlegroup, everything you need to jump right into the game. In this crucible of conflict, countless warriors have answered the call and forged their legends. The sets also provide all the gaming essential needed to play, dice, tokens as well as a gaming mat and a measuring rule. In order to help get the new generation off to a great start, this kit contains a warcaster and light warjack model for the child member of a team as well as special event-only stat cards for both parent and child.


With their Officer included, the unit gains the Assault rule for their sprays, allowing them to wreak havoc on opposing infantry units. Lich Lord Tenebrous found and recovered her soul and reunited it with her unliving flesh as a shadow of death. She has proven to be both a formidable weapon of the lich lords and a cunning and unpredictable adversary. A great addition to an Agatha list would be Blackbanes Ghost Raiders. December 29th carxs Imperial Knights Dethroned. It can help with infantry models that may overwhelm your jacks.

News Warmachine Rules Hordes Rules. A player may field up to three Mechanithrall units for each warcaster in a Cryx stah.

Enthralled crgx the thrumming of blight in their flesh and blood, they indulge in feats of violence, showering in the blood of sacrifices cry screaming prayers to the Dragonfather. The Mechanithrall unit comes in a box.

Fryx fifteen years, war has engulfed the Iron Kingdoms.

Smog belcher weapons are crafted by skilled ironmongers, black ogrun metalsmiths who fuse their craft with rituals of bloodletting and dark magic. Cryx jacks are notoriously squishy. Search anything carfs hit enter. The new casters are currently only available through the battlebox as well. Some captains feed a coven a steady supply of victims, hoping that amid tortured screams, portents of their future will be revealed.

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