Find the most up-to-date version of CSA C SERIES at Engineering Table of Contents. Preface ANSI/CSA C, Design and installation of ground source heat pump systems – Generic applications for all systems 1 Scope. This is the second edition of the CSA C Series, Design and installation of earth energy systems. It supersedes the previous edition published in

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Design Guidelines For Sewage Works. Once the tubing is placed into the excavation, the area is backfilled, initially with a material that will not puncture the tubing. During installation of earth energy systems, holes are made in the ground. Detached garages with solar collectors on the roofs. Two tubes extend vertically below the garage into the subsurface. Tags Environment and energy.

Share facebook twitter Print. Two waterlines extend from the heat pump, horizontally within the subsurface to a second excavation located in the centre-right of the diagram. Groundwater flowing through pores and fractures in soil or bedrock also has similar constant temperatures.

CAN/CSA C Series

If the taking does not meet the purpose of the Act e. Notes to tables and figures are considered part of the table or figure and may be written as requirements. All of the drawings show the tubing buried beneath the ground surface. Transport pathways may affect the vulnerability of the immediate surrounding area, potentially increasing the risk posed by nearby activities.

CSA Standards is a division of CSA Group, also consisting of CSA International, which provides testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a c484 of other products; and OnSpeX, a provider of consumer product evaluation, inspection and advisory services for retailers and manufacturers. In the upper subsurface, the two tubes turn to the right and extend horizontally to an excavation on the right side of the diagram.

Need more than one copy? This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. Under this legislation, local source protection committees have completed science based assessment reports identifying areas where sources of drinking csz are most vulnerable, and the activities that have the highest potential to impair the quality or quantity of these drinking water sources.


An earth energy system uses the temperature differences to warm or cool buildings or other structures. Fas amended. c4448

Standards Council of Canada

Need more than one copy? If the document is revised or amended, you will be notified by email. To reduce the risk of the hole acting as a pathway, a person should consider:. As the heat transfer continually flows through the continuous tube, the process will repeat. The annular space between the steel casing and borehole is sealed to prevent flow from ground surface into the well. For a direct exchange earth energy system, the standards Sections 5.

There are three basic types of outside loops for earth energy systems. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time. For further information about Trades regulation and requirements can be obtained from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Programs Branch, at or Each product has different properties.

This standard is also available to be ccsa in Standards Subscriptions. The components of earth energy systems contained inside a residence, commercial building or other structures are beyond the scope of this sca. A vertical borehole geothermal system where seasonal long-term thermal storage occurs, and A district heating loop c44 grade that connects and delivers heat to the homes in csaa community. There are potential environmental risks associated with earth energy systems.

The schematic traces the movement of heat as follows:. Improperly constructed or poorly maintained wells can act as direct pathways for contaminants to enter groundwater or for mineralized water or gas bearing formations to impair groundwater that could be used for drinking water. Table 1 does not cover all system scenarios such as shallow horizontal excavation open loop systems. OCTAA and its regulations establish trades certification and training requirements for persons who work at the construction, alteration and csaa of certain buildings and building HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, including earth energy systems.

Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Face-to-face meetings of the Committee are planned, alternating between the US and Canada. A person installing a system should consult with the local building 4c48 to obtain c4448 information on applicable permits Subsection 8 1 of the Building Code Act,S.


CAN/CSA C448 Series-13

The values given in the parentheses are for information only. Notes accompanying clauses do not include requirements or alternative requirements; the purpose of a note accompanying a clause is to separate from the text explanatory or informative material. Source protection plan policies may also be included to suggest strategic actions for transport pathways within wellhead protection areas and surface water intake protection zones to ensure the transport pathway will cease to endanger the raw water supply of a drinking water system.

The void space in each hole that is part of an earth energy system should be sealed at the time of construction with a material than can stop the vertical migration of fluids or gases while offering the best heat transfer. Artesian flow of water onto the ground surface is difficult to control and can result when zones where groundwater is under pressure are encountered in overburden or bedrock formations.

Municipalities are also empowered to take such actions directly, outside of the source protection planning process. Ontario Ministry of the Environment March For more information: Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. The retained professional engineer or professional geoscientist should conduct a geological study of the area before decommissioning commences.

Capitalized initials used in the text and symbols of this technical bulletin are defined as follows:. The outside loop of a closed earth energy system consists of a continuous sealed underground or submerged loop of tubes through which a heat transfer fluid passes and returns to the heat pump unit.

Subsection 22 1 of the above noted regulation requires that no person shall service or test refrigeration equipment that contains a refrigerant unless the person is certified under section 34 and.