SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power. Units. • SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Description of the LED states of a CU SINAMICS S Equipment Manual for Booksize Power Units .. CU DP from firmware version with integrated Ethernet interface. ○ Smart Line. Siemens SINAMICS S Manual Online: Control Unit (cu), Description, Safety Information. Control Unit (CU) Description The CU

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It is located at the bottom of the cabinet and is secured on the left and right to the ground straps in the cabinet.

The temperature ccu320 Temp-F can be used to measure the mean absolute winding temperature. Attach the cable lug from behind. Tighten the nuts tightening torque: Adjusting The Volume mankal The parameter for the rated motor data p and onwards are appropriately pre-assigned.

The digital signal for pulse inhibit must be properly wired and parameterized. Green Red Flashing light 0. Function Manual 1 Adjustable: Mode 4 is available for all drive objects.

I have CU problems. The sum of the three phase-to-neutral voltages is not zero at all times, unlike with direct on-line operation.

Control Unit (cu); Description; Safety Information – Siemens SINAMICS S Manual [Page 32]

De Marcado De Servicio WARNING The weight specified on the packaging and the designated center of gravity must always be taken into account when the cabinet is lifted or transported. In order to apply currents to the motor which are sinusoidal as far as possible smooth running, oscillation torques, stray lossesa high pulse frequency is required for the converter’s output voltage. The clearance between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling is shown in the diagram below. These differences are intentional and exist for “EMC optimization” reasons.


Connection to the foundation Four holes for M12 screws are provided on each cabinet panel to secure the cabinet to the ground. Installing The Smartchip Mannual required To install the connections, you will need: Table Inputs for safety functions 1.

MT Manual & Driver

Answering A Call If you identify any hidden defects or damage, contact the shipping company immediately and ask them to examine the cabinet.

Maybe one of your friends will find this review helpful? Electrical xu320 thermal requirements.

The motor ground should be fed back directly to the cabinet PE busbar and connected. If the packaging is not conductive, the modules must be wrapped with a conductive packaging material such as conductive foam rubber or household aluminum foilprior to placing them in the packaging. Since the Motor Modules share the same DC link, they can exchange energy with one another, i. Cabinet units must not be disassembled while still on wooden pallets and awaiting transport. The interfaces or customer terminal blocks are documented for the respective Cabinet Modules.

All drive components, from the supply infeed to the motor-side inverters, are configured in a clear, compact layout in the individual Cabinet Modules. Maunal must read the safety information and application notes. This removes the electrical isolation for these digital inputs.

Screw the motor cables onto the terminals.


Cingular mall, Shop tones, Shop games | LG CU User Manual | Page 57 / 99

Share Facebook Twitter Mail Widget. There’s no secondary front camera. When delivered, the taps are always set to the highest level. Make sure that the equipment is de-energized. For wiring instructions, see the “Electrical installation” section or refer to the documents listed in the table below.

The tripping current on the line-side must be set according to the conditions of the system. The auxiliary voltage busbar system is equipped with Faston terminals. Ring Alert Type It ensures fast and reliable commissioning of the drives.

Siemens SINAMICS S120 Manual: Control Unit 320 (cu320); Description; Safety Information

Connect the cable to terminals -X5. The effectiveness of this key to acknowledge faults can be defined using the appropriate BiCo parameterization. Where can should I go for support, replacement or repairs? Active Line Modules draw a virtually sinusoidal current from the supply system and cause virtually no line harmonic distortions. The cabinet units must be carried on a wooden pallet when transported with fork-lift trucks.

Within the context of the safety notes in this manuao qualified persons are defined as persons who are authorized to commission, ground and label devices, systems and circuits mannual accordance with established safety practices and standards. Feed the cable into the cabinet from the bottom right.