Cymatics: A Study of Wave Phenomena & Vibration [Hans Jenny] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This deluxe hardcover edition. Cymatics Research Cymatics is a word coined by Dr. Hans Jenny, a Swiss medical doctor, who in his spare time investigated the power of sound to create. The name most associated with Cymatics is that of Swiss born Physician & natural scientist Hans Jenny (pr. yenny). His book Kymatic volume 1 first.

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Photographer Alexander Lauterwasser hnas also captured imagery of water surfaces set into motion by sound sources ranging from sine waves to music by BeethovenKarlheinz Stockhausen and overtone singing. His presentations on the science of Cymatics will change the way you relate to the sounds and music in your life. Challenge yourself to consider how these basic universal principles shape your very life!

Story, Song and…CYMATICS?

Jenny was an advocate of the idea that Cymatics described a sound-matrix at work in nature, an invisible driving force that could create everything from the wave-like shape of a mountain range to the stripes on a zebra or the jeenny on a flower ” The more one studies these things, the more one realizes that sound is the creative principle.

Short video clips of Cymatics experiments will shed light on this arcane branch of physics, highlighting certain esoteric principles of nature that underlie a wide range of sound-based therapeutic approaches. Retrieved from ” https: This power is inherent in tone, in sound.

Small flames of gas burned through these holes and thermodynamic patterns were made visible by this setup. Understanding these principles can help us to ‘cleanse the lens’ through which we perceive our world, thereby clarifying our outlook on life.

Live Webinar with Gabriel Kelemen, Ph. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After completing his doctorate he taught science at the Rudolph Steiner school in Zurich for four hanx, before setting up his own medical practice in the Swiss village of Dornach.


SEE sound structure matter–as audible frequencies animate inert powders, pastes and liquids into life-like flowing forms and figures found in the sacred art and architecture of the world’s Wisdom Traditions. No single phenomenal category can be claimed as the aboriginal principle. He concluded, “This is not an unregulated chaos ; it is a dynamic but ordered pattern.

Image sourced from http: Archived copy as title link CS1 maint: Tuesday, June 3rd, 8 P. They are not themselves the creative power. The phenomenal success of his award-winning video, Of Sound Mind and Body: View Promo Clip of our latest video featured at last year’s Cymatics Conference!

Low tones resulted in rather simple and clear pictures, while higher tones formed more complex structures. Once you’ve objectively observed the rhythmic interplay of chaos and re-integration in simple powder, you may view your own tumultuous circumstances a bit more objectively and with far less apprehension! Chladni modes on guitar body.

Keep an eye out for these exciting new programs! Hear experts on the cutting-edge of energy medicine present in lay terms the art and science of tomorrow’s healthcare.

Please email jeffvolk rcn. It must be regarded as primordial.

Hans Jenny (cymatics) – Wikipedia

Archived copy as title CS1 maint: Hans Jenny from Cymatics: Most typically used in the design and build of guitars, violins and Cellos Chladni modes help to visually reveal how the body of an instrument is resonating at a given frequency, identifying potential problems during the instruments construction. We cannot say, in the beginning was numbers or in the beginning was symmetry, etc Archived from the original on November 4, Music and Vibrational Healing Winner: Music and Vibrational Healing, inspired him to produce the premier conference jrnny sacred sound and healing music.

These pages illumine the very principles which inspired the ancient Greek philosophers Heraclitus, Pythagoras and Plato, and cosmologists Giordano Bruno and Johannes Kepler.

On the Web, Radio Interview: Witness powders, pastes and liquids transforming into lifelike, flowing forms- assuming the same complex geometric patterns that appear throughout the natural world, and in the art and architecture of the world’s wisdom traditions. Jennt Jenny 16 AugustBasel — 23 JuneDornach was a physician and natural scientist who coined the term cymatics to describe acoustic effects of sound wave phenomena.


Royal society member, philosopher, architect and polymath Robert Hooke also noticed nodal patterns forming as he ran a violin bow along the edge of a glass plate covered with a fine layer of flour. As a Cyma practitioner, her presentation hwns focus on the clinical aspects of Cymatherapy. The thing I liked the most was the fine thread that was woven through it all, that spoke to me of the path, the light and the Word.

Who was Hans Jenny – a look at the father of Cymatics

When the bowed plate reached resonance the sand formed a pattern showing the nodal regions, almost exactly the same experiment that Galileo and Hooke had carried out many years previously. Maren Good and Michael Ungar will provide a rich, sonic tapestry with tuning forks and Acutonics gongs, which are therapeutic instruments tuned to the frequencies of celestial bodies. Jenny’s cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in portraying the inherent responsiveness of matter to sound vibration but because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix — the music of the spheres!

Public domain image from http: The second volume came out inthe year he died.

It is accessible to anyone with a willingness to entertain the inconceivable: Click here for a detailed description. Encinitas, CA Click here to download flyer Click here for detailed workshop description. It is a dynamic but hams pattern’.