Dr. Dan Burisch is on a necessary hiatus from official public contact until later this year [December ]. Unfortunately, there is very little that I am allowed to say. Home / Tag Archives: Dan Burisch biological entities and their presence on the earth – as told by the highly controversial whistle-blower, Dr. Dan Burisch. Read J-Rod and Dr Dan Burisch from the story Alien. J-Rod of Area 51 and Dr. Dan Burisch by SanjayPator (Sanjay Pator) with story Dan.

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Not that the purple nonsulfurs bursch the end-all in the debate! Even before he was at UNLV he had a long and distinguished history in microbiology, working for many years with the Los Angeles Microscopical Society, and studying with Dr.

But, all my other contacts who did know him said he was a great guy! Do we as a species constitute a Gaian nervous system and a brain which can consciously anticipate environmental changes? He is quite credible and is nurisch on contract from time to time.

Interview with Micro-biologist Dr. Dan Burisch

NYU is already starting to deny a record of this, but documents exist showing his educational record. In Dan and his colleague Marci McDowell we found two very human people whom we quickly came to like.

We have the gift to be able to choose the fate and welfare of the world and our civilization. It was a very difficult time, as both Dan and I were dzn for ourselves as well as our loved ones, but we decided to push forward, regardless of the risk. So he said ‘yes’ and found himself being trained and groomed to work up at Area on ‘exotic’ biological materials. However, such an item placed into the injected atmosphere, might experience a different time, if only briefly.


The other thing which happened was that Dan once again saw the J-Rod who had become his friend at S He was maintained in their medical facilities at S-4 until he was well enough to return to travel back nurisch Area and then to Las Vegas. This was still early enough in their working relationship that it startled Dan who backed up again a violation of the protocol and ended up catching his heel on buriscy floor grate and falling backwards.


Project Camelot | Dan Burisch

It is only in the context of the treaty negotiations, in which Dan played an important role, that the three groups four, including buridch from present time all met. Much of what Dan describes is very technical and deals with protocols and procedures.

He also had to sign an agreement which allowed them to monitor his phone line. D level in the first place, so they controlled the ‘playing field’. Somehow using gravity and lensing it in order to collimate the beam.

What are your primary concerns? For the past decade, I have been slowly formulating a thesis, bringing together the research of the greatest minds of humanity to attempt an answer to the ages old question of our origins.

Burish is a recreation of the draft of the first page of the Aquarius document written by Dan which mentions McConnell. And as for any changes in mass, or movement within time-space Other items of ongoing consideration and work are: Annotation from Reference, and used to follow: Adn, safety equipment, and facilities are applicable to work with dangerous and exotic agents which pose a high individual risk of life threatening disease.

The P45s are commonly reported in UFOlogy as ‘the Grays’, the group which has been carrying out most or all of the abductions.


Harnessing, amplifying and lensing the basic gravity A wave has many other possibilities. As Henry Deaconwho confirms Dan’s testimony, explained to us personally, the essence of the timelines problem is that if one travels back in time to kill one’s grandfather – the famous ‘grandfather paradox’ – one does not suddenly cease to exist in this timeframe.

All these projects were known by Dan but further expansion on their descriptions and relationships will be investigated further.

At that time, Dan did not know that he was in fact being ‘mentored’ by one of the highest ranking members of the Majestic, who felt and still continues to feel a great affection and connection to Dan because burixch the events surrounding Dan’s abduction in the early s.

I was told to consider the multiverse 5 idea combined with work by Richard Gott on cosmic strings 6. Directly above the S4 was a star shaped punch. Part of this work involved taking physical tissue samples from the J-Rod housed deep below S-4 in a ‘Clean Sphere’ designed to support his atmospheric and environmental needs. See this excellent research article for full details. I deeply hope that my latest assignment, in Africa, has served the interests of the United States of America. Margulis, Lynn, “Microcosmos”, or does life follow the apparent path of the Universe, a series of transparently stoic acts of Cosmos from Chaos?