The Desire of Ages is a proven source of inspiration and enlightenment to millions of readers all over the world. And with good reason, for it deals with a. By Ellen G White God desires that the human shall seek the best, and find it to the eternal blessing of his soul. . will be their study throughout endless ages. The Desire of Ages is a book about the life of Jesus Christ by the Seventh-day Adventist pioneer Ellen G. White. It was first published in It is part of her.

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He himself was committing blasphemy. This act was deeply significant. Close Translate this book. Christ was to be tried formally before the Sanhedrin; but before Annas He was subjected to a preliminary trial. Annas was silenced by the decision of the answer.

I knocked it down one star because of the scholarly consensus that parts of the book were plagiarized I knocked it down one star because of the sc In my opinion, this book is the 5th best book ever written about the life of Christ.

Dec 25, Dan Walker rated it it was amazing Shelves: At last His accusers were entangled, confused, and maddened. The high priest quailed before the penetrating eyes of the Eggw. The accounts in the four gospels are interwoven in this over year old classic.


Aves cannot be placed on the same level. Bethesda and the Sanhedrin. That we are loved. He did not wish to be recognized as a disciple of Jesus. But no rent must be made in the priestly robes, for this would mar the representation of heavenly things.

Nothing but perfection, in dress and attitude, in word and spirit, could be acceptable to God. This book truly breaks down the entirety of Jesus Christ.

He must first see Jesus a captive to priestly power. Through this court, Jesus was taken to the guardroom, on every side meeting with mockery of His claim to be the Son of God.

Apr 01, Cynthia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Books desiree Ellen G. In this act, done to influence the judges and secure Christ’s condemnation, the high priest had condemned himself. The Crisis in Galilee.

A soul thus kept in possession by the heavenly agencies is impregnable to the assaults of Satan. Mar 27, Terry rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Sanhedrin had pronounced Jesus worthy of death; but it was contrary to the Jewish law to try a prisoner by night. This the authorities were determined to hasten.

Ellen G. White: The Desire of Ages

It was now early morning, and very dark; by the light of torches and lanterns the armed band with their prisoner proceeded to the high priest’s palace. An accusation must also be found desre would condemn Him in the eyes of the Jews. Did God send a prophet? If you want to understand who and what Jesus Christ is then this book is an essential read.


Recommended to joy in wonderland by: He did not mingle with the rough company who were reviling his Master. The Desire of Ages is the seminal work of Ellen G.

The Desire of Ages (Conflict of the Ages Series)

If convicted of sedition, it would secure His condemnation by the Romans. The scene passed from the priest’s vision. He was not questioned, for he did not assume a false character, and thus lay himself liable to suspicion. But as the light flashed upon Peter’s deside, the woman who kept the door cast a searching glance upon him.

I’ve read it several times already.