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LOGIC CARTRIDGE VALVE – DIN 1/3. L09 03/ Type. Size. Max pressure. Area ratio. ICLI DN bar. 1: 1: 1: 1: /S. ICLI ARON cartridge valves are basi- cally composed of a cover and an operating unit insert in the ISO (DIN ) mounting frame. Each cartridge valve is. (). (). (). (). (). () () () () () (). * only together with d4 max and t4 max. Installation Dimension as per DIN

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See pilot operated check valve information, page Therefore, no reference is made to an area ratio in relation to reducing valves.

CVIHFV Configuration

Do not apply Loctite or equivalent to the orifice plug. Their design and port connections are specific to their use in piloting cartridge valves.

Speed control in accordance with machine operating cycles or programs. Proper orientation of the cartridge and pilots can yield very low internal leakage in systems. Contact Vickers for application assistance. For industrial and mobile applications. Dynamic valves can be built into any system manifold assemblies which require the features offered by this new range, whether for directional or check control function.

Installation dimensions unaltered for design numbers 10 to Installation metric threads for orifices dimensions unchanged for design S – SAE threads for closure plugs; numbers 10 to 19 inclusive. Port Y is normally connected to a drain line. Venting of the Z1 port will cause outlet pressure A P2 to drop to a minimum pressure related to the spring load in the insert spool.

Cartridge Valve Advantages System design flexibility Lower installed cost Smaller package size Better performance and control Improved reliability Higher pressure capability More efficient operation Elimination of external leakage and reduction of internal leakage Greater contamination tolerance Faster cycle times System Design Considerations Cartridge valves offer an alternative rather than a replacement for conventional sliding spool valves.


F to remove valve Torque plug to 20—24 Nm 15—18 lbf ft 44,0 1. Sizes 16 to are per DIN standard High Flow Valves Active Cartridge Valves Active Cartridge Valves contain an additional control area that provides more robust control of switching pressure for high-speed machines where low system pressure can delay closing times. For flow A-B, poppet drilled from A.

Thus by controlling flow through the pilot valve, the main poppet can be controlled in any position from fully closed to fully open. Sizes 16 to 63 The adjustable limiting of the insert poppet opening restricts flow in both directions A to B and B to A. Cartridge Covers are used in conjunction with cartridge valves to create a complete assembly. Overload and polarity protected. The Z2 port can be used as a convenience to operate another cartridge simultaneously.

All warranties shall expire 12 months from the date the article is placed in service, or 24 months from the date the article is supplied, whichever is the earlier. Difficult environments could mean that extra screening may be necessary to avoid the interference. See previous page Size 03 pilot control valve to be ordered separately. Area AP is the circular area defined by the diameter of the poppet. E Type K only: Pressure Ratings Maximum pressure allowable at ports A and B is bar psi for all cartridges.

Repeat as necessary for further non-standard requirements. Unequalled simplicity No inner electrical feedback loop and associated electronics Two models: Torque plug to Nm 7.

Active Cartridge Valves contain an additional control area that provides more robust control of switching pressure for high-speed machines where low system pressure can delay closing times. Sizes 16 to 40 With the solenoid de-energized, Figure 17, the cartridge is shut by the higher of the pressures at X or Z1. Smooth and accurate operation can be achieved not affected by main flow.


Torque to Nm lbf ft 243422 B Size 03 pilot control valve to be ordered separately. The X pilot port of the cover is connected to the B port of the insert.

The reducer insert is normally closed, i. Other orifice sizes and locations can 243342 fitted by special arrangement with your Vickers 24324. A guide to orifice sizing is on page Control options include single or multiple pilot arrangements, flow restrictors, and solenoid controlled, pilot operated directional control.

When system pressure on port A reaches the pressure setting of the pilot stage, the valve, acting as a relief valve, starts to open. A typical application would be where the final dkn pressure on an actuator needs to be varied e. To obtain a D insert with an orifice in the poppet i. Pilot flow passes out of Z1 to an appropriate pilot relief valve which creates pressure on the top of the pilot piston.

Z1 X Y Nameplates: Installation dimensions unaltered for design numbers 31 to 39 inclusive. See curves on starting on page 49 for override pressure versus flow rate. B In Figure 51 the system is vented when the solenoid of the pilot valve is de-energized; when the solenoid is 23442 the system pressure is limited to the setting of the CVGCA-3 module.

CVIHFV Configuration | Eaton PowerSource

For assistance with other possible applications for size 03 control modules, contact your Vickers representative. For stable valve operation follow Vickers recommendations for selection of spring for each size of insert.

This valve is used primarily for directional control.

The SWD 3 dib is specifically designed for application in circuits and systems where electrical signalling of a known closed condition of the valve is required.