Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 3: Method using an absorbent medium (ISO ); German version. Buy DIN EN ISO PAINTS AND VARNISHES – DETERMINATION OF RESISTANCE TO LIQUIDS – PART 3: METHOD USING AN ABSORBENT. DIN EN ISO Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 3: Method using an absorbent medium (ISO ).

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Immersion in liquids other than water ISO Determination of copper-ion concentration in the extract and calculation of the release rate ISO Visible changes to the paint surface are not permissible.

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Almandite garnet ISO Field method for the conductometric determination of water-soluble salts ISO Method using an absorbent medium Paints and varnishes – Determination of resistance to liquids – Part 4: Avoidance of hazardous substances acc.

Ashing method ISO Evaluation of delamination and corrosion around a scribe ISO Cone-andplate viscometer operated at a high rate of shear ISO Terms and Conditions Terms of subscription Online watch. Determination of fatty acid content ISO Determination of particle size distribution by sieving ISO Bodygard by Tesa.

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General introduction and designation system ISO General principles ISO The work of preparing International Standards is normally carried out through ISO technical committees. Assessment of the storage stability of thermosetting powders ISO Pyknometer method ISO Evaluate only the area which has been in direct contact with the test liquid.

No part of this document may be transmitted or reproduced without prior permission of a Standards Department of the Volkswagen Group. Clean off any dried residue of aqueous test liquids under running water, and clean off the dried residue of any other test liquids with a solvent that does not attack the coating.

Fite Date of publication: Make sure that the test piece is not wetted above this level.

Field method for the titrimetric determination of water-soluble ferrous ions ISO Register online at inter and intra-company training, isoo certifying diplomas, seminars, distance learning. Unless otherwise agreed, allow the test piece to equilibrate in a dry condition for 24 h, and reassess the exposed area. Determination of deposition efficiency ISO Certification of persons Do recognize your skills, register online to become certified.


Visible changes to the color and other changes to idn paintwork such as cracks, chalking or blistering are not permitted. Use only analytical-grade chemicals.

DIN EN ISO – October

Responsibilities are broken down as follows: PV on the specified plastictest duration: Method using an absorbent medium ISO If the results of the evaluation of the duplicate determinations differ significantly, repeat the determination, again in duplicate. Pressure cup method ISO Report the results of all determinations, including any repeat determinations.

Surface-drying test using ballotini ISO Preparation and protection of steel substrates ISO 281-23 Number of pages: The test ISO Determination of water-soluble contaminants by conductivity measurement ISO