Dreamhunter. Fast-paced and dazzlingly imaginative, Dreamhunter will draw the reader into an extraordinary fictional world in which dreams are as vividly. Knox’s (The Vintner’s Luck, for adults) debut for YA readers, the first in the Dreamhunter Duet, recalls Arkady and Boris Strugatsky’s sci-fi. Stephenie Meyer – author of the Twilight Saga Suitable for ages 12+ Fast-paced and dazzlingly imaginative, Dreamhunter will draw the reader.

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It’s as though Knox ended this book in the middle of writing it.

But not as “hokey. Mar 09, Emily rated it really liked it Shelves: On top of this, I love dreamworking, so I was intensely satisfied with this as a theme. He draws within himself and becomes moody.

Preview — Dreamhunter by Elizabeth Knox. Fifteen-year-old cousins Laura Hame and Rose Tiebold both come from famous dreamhunting families, but only Laura proves to be blessed with the gift and once inside The Place she finds out what happened to her missing dreamhunter father and reveals how the government has used dreams to control an ever-growing population of convicts and political dissenters.

DREAMHUNTER by Elizabeth Knox | Kirkus Reviews

There was entirely too much telling, and some absolute abominations of sentences, such as this treat: But the latter could be argued, I guess, that she was still following more than thinking for herself. The Giver is a 6th grade level book and it pushed boundaries more than Dreamhunter!!! Laura herself is uncertain on whether she made the right decision and even her loyal golem questions her.

How important, to you, are dreams? Professional dreamhunters occupy a social niche comparable to artists and authors in our own world, and one of the most imposing structures in Founderston, Southland’s capital, is the “Rainbow Opera,” in which virtuoso dreamhunters perform before the nation’s elite.

Dreamhunter Dreamhunter Duet Author s: Southland’s official church is a “Southern Orthodox Church” xreamhunter regards the practice of dreamhunting as immoral and unethical. May 04, actual, literal baba yaga. Sep 23, Kathleen Dixon rated it it was amazing Shelves: And the thing I find most interesting is the way this sensuality is transferred over from the animated but unavailable – a man built out of clay and dirt to protect and serve her – into the human, a young dreamhunter named Sandy: Dreamhunter Elizabeth Knox, Author.


Only a few people have the ability to enter the place, and fewer still can catch elizzabeth and bring them back to share with other people. Dreamhunter exists in an utterly strange world kno anything I could ever imagine. Sep 13, Meagan rated it it was ok Shelves: I actually don’t mind him, or the fact that he’s handsome.

I will still read Dreamquake just out of pure curiosity but I did not leave this ddeamhunter longing for more. I am obsessed and kind of want to re-read it immediately. Was silently holding out for him and Laura to fall in love by some freaky twist of dreambunter, but alas, it was not leizabeth to be.

The whole “Nown” elizabeeth element was weird and too vague, and frankly I did not dreamhunfer one bit about what was going to ha I am being generous with two stars and that is only because the plot was original. Laura soon finds she loves him too, and while catching a dream called “The Gate”, they both kiss each other and become “suitors”.

Sep 24, Lisa rated it did not like it. The novel centers on year-old Laura Hame, whose father Tziga is the legendary dreamhunter who discovered the Place as a young man. Is it significant that he is made in The Place and yet there are hints his past constructs may have taken place in the real world? It didn’t matter that I had never heard of dreamhunters, or Tricksie Bend, or the Grand Patriarch because Knox incorporated all of these new ideas effortlessly into her plot.

Rose was always the leader in their relationship, and Laura, being more shy and timid, is not used to making decisions by herself. I was so excited when I saw there would be a map through the page I was reading. I wanted this book to be so much more for me. I’m glad I have Book 2 available to read now – it would have driven me crazy to wait months for the conlusion!


The idea of people being able to go into a mystical zone to “catch” dreams and share them with others sounded original and fascinating. Knox is the consummate world builder.

Dreamhunter Duet

It took me about a week to get through it. Dec 22, Melliott rated it really liked it Shelves: I sing its praises in real life, too.

As a result of the nightmare, people go absolutely nuts and start self-mutilating themselves and running around screaming. I wasn’t a fan of the cliffhanger ending, and I didn’t think the author developed the transformation of Laura from spacey follower to the person who makes such a world-shattering decis I loved the originality of this story and the ominous, otherworldly atmosphere.

Sandy makes his way back and is welcomed into the family, who are overjoyed. If you can’t tell, I’m getting angrier and angrier with every passing moment after I’ve finished this book. Laura Hame is the protagonist and heroine of the elzabeth.

She stroked and pressed his hand as if in search of a secret mechanism that would make it open up, or turn into something other than itself. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat What if, even after all this, there is a mystery so mysterious it’s uncertain what exactly this mystery Dreamhunter exists in an utterly strange world unlike anything I could ever imagine.