The Oxylog. is the most compact ventilator in the Oxylog range. This device combines the renowned. Dräger technology of the Oxylog with the higher. Buy or Sell – Drager Oxylog Ventilators Here! () Click the link to view product information and price. This Drager Ventilator is one of the most. Historical Note. The RFDS in Western Australia was one of the first aeromedical operators to acquire and us the first Drager Oxylog Ventilator for the transport of.

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Artificial ventilation may be required for many hours during long distance RFDS transfers.

It too has proven to be simple, robust and reliable. All functions are pneumatically operated, so the ventilator does not depend on any electrical power source.

Transport ventilator Oxylog – EN – Dräger – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation

Since then, they have proved themselves to be extremely robust, reliable and easy to operate in the field and in drver air. The ventilator has integrated audible and visual alarms that monitor both the airway pressure and supply pressure to aid in patient safety.

The Oxylog allows limitation of airway pressure through its Pmax setting.

E-Mail Us Accessory catalogue. Drager Oxylog Ventilator. Spare bag for Compact Caddy Articlenr All that the Oxylog needs to ventilate your patients is oxygen, giving you the freedom to work wherever you need to.

Designed to be used outdoors, its intuitive operation, robustness and transportability make the Oxylog complete in its class. Once the pressure limit is reached, pressure-limited ventilation with variable volume continues during inspiration. Associated Offerings Related Products Accessories.


Central gas hoses 1,5 or 3 m; spiral or straight configuration. The Oxylog is drgsr and extremely sturdy, making it ideal for mobile use. Delicate lung tissue may be damaged at high pressure levels.

Product Information Benefits Literature. Carrying System Order Number 2M This was in They require intense monitoring and a highly trained team during the transfer.

It offers you all that you need for prehospital emergency ventilation, as well as in-hospital emergency resuscitation. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page oxyoog. Thanks to its compact and robust design as well as its excellent performance, the Alduk IV is user-friendly in its handling for use in hospitals, rescue service deployments and also for overland and air transport.

The Oxylog was used for many straight forward ventilated cases due to its size, weight, simplicity and reliability. Open the catalog to page osylog.

The Oxylog offers first aid ventilation of patients in emergency situations. Order Number 57 04 Open the catalog to page 3. Ventilators are a life support machine, which are used to take over the role of rdger in seriously ill patients. The Oxylog was an improved version of the original Oxylog but with enhanced technology and inbuilt alarms.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Allround wallholder Order Number 57 04 All such patients are usually heavily sedated and unaware of the life support measures being taken.

The RFDS in Western Australia was one of the first aeromedical operators to acquire and us the first Drager Oxylog Ventilator for the transport of critically ill patients by air. Carrying belt for Carrying system Articlenr. Box Dubai, United Arab Emirates Thanks to its fundamental design, the Oxylog also stands for great reliability, ddrger to meet rough conditions during your mission. Order Number 57 03 The Oxylog also stands for great reliability, thanks to its fundamental design, making it ready to meet rough conditions during your mission.


Integrated audible drgeer visual alarms alert you to disconnection, stenosis and low supply pressure. They would keep operating continuously, provided the driving gas was available. Disposable ddrger system 1. Reusable breathing valve Articlenr.


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Reusable hose system 1. A nasal or oral endotracheal tube is inserted into the tracheo “windpipe” and connected to the ventilator, which is set at the appropriate rate and volume which the patient requires for breathing.

Reusable hose system 3.