And to them I won’t need to explain why a long-overdue reissue, titled Elric: The Stealer of Souls. Chronicles of the Last Emperor of Melniboné. Publishing History (US). Trade Paperback, Del Rey, pp., ISBN: , 19 Feb , Cover by John Picacio. etsos_delrjpg. The Stealer of Souls, a short story by Michael Moorcock, featuring Elric, the albino prince of Melniboné and his companion, Moonglum of.

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The Elric stories began as such novellas for Science Fantasy magazine and were only later assembled into books, a srealer of development reflected in this latest reissue.

Elric of Melniboné

However, Dyvim Tvar has a premonition of his own doom. Elric is a weak albino who takes drugs and has an evil sword that sucks souls and powers him up. I think they mirror reality much more than perfect ones do. Retrieved 18 November InDAW Books republished Elric’s saga in six books that collected the tales according to their internal chronology.

Do not seek that, for madness lies in such a course. By this time, Chaos has spread over most of the globe, despite the previous victories.

Yes, Elric is very much a brooder. But Elric is under sould doom that he cannot evade. Whether the willpower is contained in the sword or the man, they’re obviously one entity, and thus he’s the one responsible. There is no going back now. Elric has left his kingdom behind and is exploring the outlying lands with Stormbringer, his sentient sword.

The main sequence, according to the saga’s internal chronology, comprises the following books. Yet, I expected there to be a little more pomp and circumstance in the demise of some very important, and somewhat important characters. Chaos has agreed to assist him because they have decided that they will remove all traces of Law from this Earth and make it wholly their own domain.


Most of Moorcock’s stories about Elric feature this relationship with Stormbringer, and how it—despite Elric’s best intentions—brings doom to everything he holds dear.

The works are very inventive and full of good ideas and world building. Why I have spent so much energy making public the evidence of my vast theft from Anthony Skene, I’m not entirely sure Howard’s Conan was a product of the ‘s. In the end he achieves only the destruction of his throne, his home, his lover, and his associates.

His entire motivation for attacking Elric is fear of what Elric will do to him. I read one Conan story prior to reading Elric: However, I have not read any of the rest of the Elric books and can understand why many people are upset about the timeline contradicting itself.

I say that he left because he was bored and wanted to play with his new evil toy. StormbringerMoonglumYyrkoonCymorilZarozinia And, as Moorcock’s writings are generally harder to come by than they should be at least in the United Statesthose with any interest in them have considerable reason to look up this latest edition.

I love flawed characters in fiction. I have a lot of problems with it but at the end of the day you give me a frail man with long hair and an evil soul-sucking sword and I’m content. In addition to reviewing and writing on science fiction for several publications, he writes extensively on international issues. Song of the Black Sword and Elric: In my life, I have been haunted by a fear of failure, and I can identify with a character who does feel like he doesn’t measure up and sometimes feels like a screw-up, right or wrong.


However, Nikorn decides that the enfeebled Elric is no threat to him and, upon receiving an undertaking that the albino will make no further attempt on his life, lets him go although Stormbringer will remain in K’aarna’s custody. Moorcock, indeed, makes much use of the initials “JC”, and not entirely coincidentally these are also the initials of Jesus Christ, the subject of his Nebula award-winning novella Behold the Man, which tells the story of Karl Glogauer, a time-traveller who takes on the role of Christ.

Elric has had to take herbs because of the inherent frailty of his constitution due to his inherited albinism. Michael Moorcock said “I think of myself as a bad writer with big ideas, but I’d rather be that than a big writer with bad ideas.

Elric: The Stealer of Souls (collection) – Wikiverse

I couldn’t even finish this book. Both would appear in later collections with “The Last Enchantment” occasionally retitled “Jesting with Chaos”. Elric was an interesting hero not what I expected, but enjoyed it all the same.