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Erastes initially began writing gay fiction after initially having a start writing slash fiction set in the Harry Potter universe. On the whole, given the trials both men go through, I almost feel like it would have been more ‘true’ to avoid the happily-ever-after ending although I know that would have made it almost unpublishable.

But it is so well written, the characterisation is brilliant, and the emotion is so intense, it ends up being a beautiful book. Myself, I found myself reading transgressionx and thinking about it afterwards on a very symbolic level.

It’s dramatic, often dark, sometimes quite sad. That that just isn’t enough space to explore the implications of the events. It’s nearer pages and the consequences of the events are properly explored.

He’s the most interesting of the characters, I think.

Jonathan, this is my son David of whom I have spoken. Jul 22, Transbressions rated it really liked it Shelves: But when David find out that Tobia is dead, his feeling went back to Jonathan. Part of the story was amazing and sad, and the other part that make my hormone strange.


I highly recommend this book!

Paperbackpages. Apart from the headhopping I mentioned, there were only a couple of minor annoyances which affected my reading of this book.

This one makes my libido very high.

Erastes (author) – Wikipedia

Like I said, David is a man who you can tell is lying because his lips are moving. The author tells a good story. Overall, good, engaging characters, great background. Now that we know better Yes, we were suffering vicariously on your behalf at the thought of you stranded halfway around the world erasfes your Kindle. And though his father treats them both as if they were brothers, David’s feeliEngland: His body was sun-dried after his bathe, and he could feel his hair clinging damply to his skin.

The problem I had with Transgressions is that our two lovebirds, David and Jonathan, spend most of the book apart. The other man is soon forgotten, maybe since he is lost, maybe since he was not important, only a tool to awaken him, and David turns his full newfound seductive power on Jonathan.

Yo Usually I write my reviews as I read, so my reactions are live, and so I can record them as they happen, because if I don’t, I won’t remember them. His indoctrinating ways, his double standards of transgresssions is sinful and his ways of how to purge a person got a rise out of me like no other element in this story save the romance.

Jonathan is a Puritan, a hard worker, devout, eager to learn and respectful to those around him. All in all, the book was well worth reading especially on account of the interesting historical setting.

But I fo This book is set in a very interesting historical time period, the English civil war. Well researched historical detail in this book too, a really good read.


Transgressions by Erastes

Stephen Caverly, his twin, had perished together with his mother when David himself had been born. Nov 23, Kim rated it liked it.

And if David and Jonathan was back together. I had no doubt that David and Jonathan were made for each other, that while they transgresisons to go their own way they would also find each other again.

Erastes transgressions

Views Read Edit View history. Sweet as the beginning of the book, the second half becomes twice as much dark. His father had informed him that he was going to be away from the forge all day, although he not told his son where he was going, and David had not particularly cared.

He knew his father would react more strongly to the loss of the milk than the chores he had not accomplished, for the milk was money.

Clearly Jonathan is David’s soulmate. Fransgressions real brother had died. Aug 08, Michael Joseph rated it it was ok Shelves: Granted, these MCs have a long path to that sort-of-okay spot, and many threads are left behind, and they’ve definitely got more journeys ahead of them, but thus is life.

This book is absolutely beautiful.