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Freud’s suppression of the seduction theory. It is concluded that the theoretical and technical developments of Winnicott serve to illuminate a retrospective reading of Ferenczi. Moreover, it is worth noting the fact that Winnicott underlines the importance Ferenczi gives to the necessity of adapting the environment to the patient’s needs. This interest led them in turn to work not only on the theoretical child, but also on the real child.

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Procesos de Maduracion y el Ambiente Facilitador: In his diary, Ferenczi expresses this as follows: In his work Classification: SJR uses a similar algorithm as the Google page rank; it provides a quantitative and qualitative measure of the journal’s impact. La nature humaine by D. It is not known whether any formal meetings took place between the two psychoanalysts. In this sense, playing is healthy.

Escritos de Pediatria y Psicoanalisis (English, Spanish, Paperback)

In this sense, one might assume that no record remains precisely because of the prematurity of the trauma and the egoas there is no established or differentiated ego to undergo the traumatic experience, but that this experience is only accessible by reliving the trauma under the favourable therapeutic conditions afforded by the psychoanalytic treatment and with an ego that is able to make an experience of it.

Similarly, it is essential to think about the concept of a good-enough mother in order to understand the role of the analyst. Would you like to tell psiconalisis about a lower price? Even Winnicott, in his work, The Use of an Object and Relating through Identificationsquestions himself regarding his use of interpretation, reinventing his own technique: Thinking about esdritos therapist—and the mother—as the person who adapts to the patient-baby, and not vice versa, carries with it profound change in technique.


Three main issues are addressed: United States Jun, Search Rank: Indeed, the technique Winnicott used to approach his cases is well-known and debates have been sustained on the topic. Accordingly, both the mother and the analyst must be able to receive the baby and the patient as they are, without asking them to adapt to a particular ideal or therapy.

In connection with the foregoing, Borgogno explores a technical similarity of the two authors, derived from the practice that prompts the consultation of borderline patients. But to do this, it is imperative that the analyst, like the object, survives the destruction. The assault on truth: SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field.

That said, none of them was an innovation that sought to establish itself as a good practice protocol, but they all saw sense in the transferential relationship with the patient and the search for a specific and singular technique so that each case could be directed towards a possible cure.

This fact led Winnicott and Ferenczi to think about technique and theory differently to other psychoanalysts, including those who worked with children. United States Oct, Search Rank: CiteScore measures average citations received per document published.

Children have no ego yet, but winnlcott an id; the id still reacts alloplastically, not motorically. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. That said, when Ferenczi’s works were published, which coincided in time with Winnicott’s writings, a particular interest in the subject of countertransference can be found in both theoretical bodies. For Ferenczi, psychic paralysis has to do with the interruption of the senses, the unresisting acceptance of any mechanical or psychic impression, without any amnesic trace of said impressions, even unconsciously.

Although the British author did not undergo explicit censorship, Borgogno does note that Winnicott felt he had not been sufficiently recognised by his sphere. In this pediagria, the patient feels that he finds and constructs the interpretation himself, even if it comes from another.


In the course of this discussion an impatient listener was heard to say in an audible whisper: The therapist not only seeks to interpret the contents of the game or verbal contentbut the environment of growth and therapy permitted by the game and analysis is also taken into account. Oct, Search Rank: Write a customer review. As such, the analyst must enable the paradox in which the patient creates the object subjective objectbut where the object is already there waiting to be created.

Both authors link it to understanding psychoanalysis as a search for oneself.

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In this way, the patient feels that he finds and constructs the interpretation himself, even if it comes from another. You can change region by clicking the flag in the toolbar. United States May, Search Rank: The Piggle by Donald Woods Winnicott. Both frame and interpretation find another use and another orientation. We must continue to expose it in contemporary psychoanalytic debates and the particularities of 21st century psychoanalytic practice.

Over the analyst’s knowledge, what takes precedence is the genuineness of the patient and the analyst. But besides agreeing or disagreeing with these technical innovations, from criticising their boldness or reading them as errors or excesses in the technique, they seduce because they show Ferenczi’s psychoanalytic passion and reveal the need to institute changes in the classical analytic technique for the treatment of certain patients.

Nov, Search Rank: It is concluded that the theoretical and technical developments of Winnicott serve to illuminate a retrospective reading of Ferenczi.