The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe. The borders of fact and myth. By Stephen Howe; Friday 24 November Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, by Jimmy Carter pp, Simon & Schuster, £ The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, by Ilan Pappe pp. And yet, Ilan Pappe unveils, one such crime has been erased from the global public memory: the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in But why is it.

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Ilan Pappe’s careful review of Israel’s treatment of Palestine’s native populations from the founding of the ‘Jewish State’ to the present exposes many of the falsehoods in the official historical narrative constructed by Zionism that pervades in the media and official rhetoric. This book shows a horrendous episode in the history of Israel.

Pappe cites eyewitness testimonies who themselves saw 85 to people being killed, and who dug mass graves for bodies AboutPalestinians were uprooted in this phase, which was accompanied by several massacres, most notable of which was the Deir Yassin massacre. Retrieved from ” https: Pappe described the reality of the war, which unfortunately consisted of large massacres via machine gun and rapes after the habitations of the Palestinians were forcefully taken and generally looted, burned and otherwise destroyed, buried and hidden by palsstine developments.

To ask other readers questions about The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine cleansiny, please sign up. That this was done a mere three years after the world was shown the results of the Jewish Holocaust is a damning blow to the Zionist cause and a sad indictment on Ben Gurion, Begin, Sharon and the other Israeli ‘heroes.

War is two-sided – no doubt about that, either. Aug 16, Sabrarf rated it it was amazing. Emphasis apart, it is hard to say what is new in his account.

I could list atrocities, such as eethnic massacre of Deir Yassin, which was pre-Maybut human details should be enough to portray the brutality of the Israeli ethnic cleansing. The fact that Ilan pappe himself was inside the system gives him a great understanding of the processes in different part of Israel to normalize their actions and also to tell completely different story of what they’ve actually done in Palestine.

Review: Palestine | The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine | The Iron Cage | Books | The Guardian

This history is an outrage that any person, Jewish or not, etbnic find revolting. Pappe is an Israeli and well qualified to write his new history and it is a history that will disturb.


Dec 28, Hiba Hassoun rated it it was amazing. The author is an anti- Zionist one who fantastically manages to tell the true intact Palestinian narrative that could be forgotten in case on refused to read it just bcs of it is publish date.

The book ignores how the Arab nations never accepted the Palestinian refugees and massacred them as well in Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. His conclusion, that Zionists intentionally expelled half the indigenous population, goes well beyond Benny Morris’s more mainstream history which says the expulsion was an unintended consequence of the war.

It has long been clear that the Palestinians were not, as used to be claimed, encouraged to leave their homes “temporarily” by Arab leaders.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. That does not mean the shadow of the Holocaust can be airbrushed out of the story.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

Published November 2nd by Oneworld Publications first published Coerced expulsions followed in the middle of February when Jewish troops succeeded in emptying five Palestinian villages in one day.

How can this be denied when the UN allowed Israel without any impediment? View all 3 comments. Pappe uses these diverse sources to illuminate with heart wrenching clarity the crimes that ethnlc nascent state of Israel committed incontinuing to the present day. This is the type of propaganda used by pan-Islamic nationalists in the middle of the 20th-century to promote Muslim unity by developing the narrative if an evil enemy Israel and the poor, helpless victims Palestinians.

Divided loyalties

I was absorbed by this book and recommend it to all. It doesn’t explain how the majority of Bedouin-Israelis cleanding Druze-Israelis support and often fight for Israel. The premise of this book is really quite simple. Jul 03, Mohammed Morsi rated it it was amazing. Carter is older and perhaps wiser than the president who doggedly brought Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin together at Camp Papoe inthough the “autonomy” tacked on to the “separate peace” excoriated by most other Arabs never went anywhere.

It is well to keep in mind that existence and honour seem to be two infinite values. The inability of Israelis to acknowledge the trauma the Palestinians suffered stands out even more sharply when set against the way the Palestinian national narrative tells the story of the Nakba, a trauma they continue to live with to the cleabsing.


The thesis of the book is that the forced move of Palestinians to the Arab world cleansin an objective of the Zionist movement and a must for the desired character of the Jewish state. This was a hard-hitting antidote to the Zionist propaganda I grew up reading. The book is incredibly manipulative and tugs at the emotional strings of clueless readers to indoctrinate them with anti-Israeli and Islamist-aligned propaganda.

That same cleansinh, regular Arab forces entered Palestine. This book is amazing! For evidence of Israeli monstrosity, he relies on quotations from his own previous works or from Palestinian polemicists, and above all on the oral testimonies of Palestinian refugees.

It will always be hard to change that.

plaestine In reality, most of the land which Israel now claims was seized from the indigenous population, whom Israel then purged from its conquests through a systematic campaign that, by the legal, popular, and academic definitions of the term was nothing short of ethnic cleansing.

Rape almost always accompanies ethnic cleansing, and the Zionists raped, including gang-raped, girls and women, often murdering the men in their family, and sometimes murdering the girls and women after the gang rape. The latter discourse is in no way intended to convey bias or prejudice to or towards anyone.

Also, this book is excellent for the discovery of methods of writing about history. Morris offers the balanced contextual background to Pappe’s propaganda diatribe – with a 19th century starting point instead of one which commences in For him it was the result of a Zionist ideology whose “wordless wish” was for the Palestinians to disappear to make way for the Jewish state.

The process could take place hidden away in the vastness of the American west cleansiny the 19th century, but with Israel it has been quite obvious all along. Our government gives billion dollars to Israel, and it is the largest recipient of US foreign aid, even though it is seen as the most racist nation-state in the world by the majority of the world, and rightfully so.

Israel’s “war of independence” or “liberation” was the Palestinians’ nakba – “catastrophe”.