In Wayne Douglas Barlowe joined the first manned flight to Darwin IV, a newly discovered world beyond our solar system. Here he provides naturalistic. – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. An abundance of lavish full-color illustrations and detailed black-and-white sketches dominate Barlowe’s fictional account of a 21st-century exploratory space.

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Solitary in their habits, these animals wander the mountain passes and high plains feeding upon the sub-surface bulbs of mountain flora.

The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by barllwe strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien ecologies. When an unmanned Yma probe discovers evidence of alien life on another planet, the titular “expedition” is sent to investigate. Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page.

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August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Sign In Don’t have an account? Even the feared Arrowtongues are vulnerable to its swooping attacks. Bearing piton-like forelimbs, gliding membranes and powerful ricochetal hind-limbs, the Daggerwrists are perfectly adapted for life in the tree-tops.

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Wayne Barlowe

Upon encountering a rival, both Bladderhorns begin what can only be seen as an elaborate, if somewhat comical, ritualistic duel for dominance. Barlowe The Yma are a sapient extraterrestrial civilization characterized by a strong sense of conservationism and protection towards alien ecologies.

The sole glimpse about the Yma’s appearence is a single picture of their upper half by Barlowe. They are neither illustrated nor described in Expeditionand are absent in Alien Planet.

expeditiob This creature is really an amalgam of biological principals: Very late in the expedition, the explorer encounters lifeforms which use tools the Eosapiensgiving a very strong indication they are intelligent. The physique of an Yma is roughly humanoid, with a distinct head and four arms. Also, when I began to conceive the Sac-back, I was nearing the end of my personal design odyssey and wanted to make sure that I had enough really odd creatures in the book.


I just had to do it my way. As one of the last ones executed, this is pretty much where I was heading from the beginning, but the journey had taken on a life of its own.

That was unquestionably the spiritual underpinning of this piece.

Any use of any of the materials on this site other than for private, noncommercial viewing purposes is strictly prohibited. After all, I was the son of two natural history illustrators.

Yma | Alien Species | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Equipped with a hyper-developed set of halteres for balance, the flexible-bodied animal can turn on a dime eluding most predators with ease. The slightly pointy head has two nostrils at the top, covered by a transparent bladder. Sac-backs roam these featureless wastes, walking with their awkward, three-legged gait from one group of buried females to the next.

The hands at the end of their four arms look similar to those of humans’, except that they are symmetrical. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Little else has been revealed about the Yma other than that their technology includes faster-than-light travel and their language is made out of whistles and harmonics, with rapid clicking sounds as their form of laughter.

At each harem they will stop to either share their sack-stored food with their inert mates through their extended proboscises or mate with them in one of the more bizarre procreation rituals on the planet.

In the 24th century the exploitation of the Earth’s ecosystem has created an environment so toxic that mass extinctions have wiped out nearly half of its animal population. Faster and more agile, the Rayback can out sprint the Arrowtongue and, as a result, can tackle prey such as low-feeding flyers, young herd animals or ambushed Gyrosprinters.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Discovery Channel produced a television special adapted from Barlowe’s Expeditionentitled Alien Planet[2] which first aired on May 14, With that said, I think this is the most successful of the canvas pieces, a painting where, for me, the composition and technical application of paint seemed most satisfying.

Expedition: Being and Account in Words and Artwork of the 2358 A.D. Voyage to Darwin IV

Expesition question that I was thinking about elk here. This is, perhaps, the signature painting and animal from the book, a painting that seems to appeal to the public.

A conservationist theme is present throughout the book. This program was faithful to the book in its presentation of the lifeforms found on Darwin IV.

I really wanted this creature to be big and threatening, my version of what might have evolved along T-rex lines on another planet. What could be odder than a blue, bipedal animal with antlers? This page was last edited on 30 Juneat Not that I was aware of the project, as such, at the time; I had simply set out to do an alien wildlife painting. The only remaining facial features are two horizontal ridges, with one of them being presumably the mouth.

Notable for its particularly unpleasant temper, Raybacks will charge virtually anything that gets too near as was proven with almost comic regularity many times during the expedition.