Nor, viewed as a biography, does xvi JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH Forkel much enlarge our knowledge of the con- ditions of Bach’s life. He had the advantage. Johann Sebastian Bach, his Life, Art, and Work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This anthology is a thorough . Johann Sebastian Bach: His life, art, and work [Johann Nikolaus Forkel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bach preferred the older Clavier, or Clavichord, which could be regulated, as the other could not, by nicety of touch. Forkel, however, was not the first to assemble the known facts of Bach’s career or to assert his place in the music of Germany. He realised that musical ideas need to be subordinated to a plan and that the young composer’s first need is a model to instruct his efforts.

Of Handel’s touch, Burney writes quoted by Rockstro, p. Very early in his career he made a point of giving to each part of the Organ the utterance best suited to its qualities, and this led him to seek unusual com- binations of stops which otherwise would not have occurred to him. And in the second place, Couperin’s system differs materially from Bach’s, though both made more frequent use of the thumb than was so far customary.

From the picture by Haussmann. Leipzig heard it again after a barren interval inand did tardy homage to its incomparable composer by erecting the statue that stands hi the shadow of St.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel

By the early 20th century, when Charles Sanford Terry produced his translation of the biography, scholarship on Bach had progressed, so Terry supplemented his translation with extensive footnotes, clarifications and appendices, and even expanded the text of some of the chapters.

A few hours later he was seized by an apoplexy and inflammatory fever, and notwithstanding all possible medical aid, his weakened frame suc- cumbed to the attack.

The Bachs were settled in Wechmar as early as circ. Johann Nikolaus Forkelborn Feb. A second edition of Forkel’s biography was issued by Peters in Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.


I deem it a duty to remind the public of this obligation and to kindle interest in it in every true German heart. His pockets were empty and there seemed little prospect of a meal, when a window was opened and two herring heads were thrown out. For the instrumental accompaniments at least twenty players are required: Peter’s, its services, which had entirely ceased, were revived in Bach’s brother, Johann Christoph, was his pupil.

For a discussion of Couperin’s method see Spitta, ii. In the second case the two parts are not similarly related.

In other words, the touch is neither too long nor too short, as Carl Philipp Emmanuel complains, but is just what it ought to be.

His father’s asserted neglect to instruct him is therefore hardly credible. That a professed historian of music, setting before the public for the first time the life of one whom he so greatly extolled, and with every inducement to present as bahc a picture of him as was possible, should have taken no trouble to carry his investigations beyond the point C.

In he was appointed Concertmeister to the Saxon Court. Bach was drawn to Arniiadt chiefly corkel the fact that the New Church recently had been equipped with a particularly fine Organ specification in Spitta, i.

Johann Sebastian Bach: His Life, Art, and Work by Johann Nikolaus Forkel

Moreover, Bach, whose influence pervades every musical form, can be relied on more than any other composer to correct the superficiality which is the bane of modern taste. Lass uns die Musik geniessen! For, inafter the Battle of Jena, the French impounded the plates and melted them down. The more intimately we are acquainted with it the greater must be our admiration.

But the fact cannot excuse gross neglect of their father’s widow.

It was for this instrument that the so-called Organ Sonatas of Bach were written. Thomas’ School at nine o’clock on the morning of Monday, May 31, One of the daughters was already married.

Here we baxh the art which old Reinken of Ham- burg considered to be lost, but which, as he afterwards found, not only survived but attained its greatest perfection in Bach. Singing classes were held by the Cantor on three days of the week, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, at nine and noon, and on Fridays at noon. Ihle in the Bach Bbach, Eisenach. Liszewski in the Joachimsthal Gymnasium, Berlin, was painted intwenty-two years after Bach’s death. Moreover, in adapting to the Clavier ideas and phrases originally written for the Violin Bach was compelled to put his brain to work, and so freed his inspiration from dependence on his fingers.


They were so curved and compact when he played, that no motion, and scarcely the fingers themselves, could be discovered.

Johann Nikolaus Forkel | German musicologist and writer |

But Spitta points out that the vowel in the name is pronounced long and was frequently written BAACH in the seventeenth century, a fact which makes it difficult to associate the word with ‘ Backer ‘ Baker. By presenting to foundation scholarships boys unskilled and ignorant of music, the resources at the Cantor’s disposal are still farther lessened. On the advice of friends who placed great confidence in the skill of a London oculist lately come to Leipzig, 3 Bach submitted to an 1 According to another account, which Spitta iii.

But, to awaken a wide appreciation of musical masterpieces depends upon the existence of good teachers. In dorkel nephew, Johann Christoph Friedrich’s son, also died. He was an enthusiastic admirer of Johann Sebastian Bachwhose music he did much to popularize.

The weakness grew with age and became very distressing in character. The proficiency of his elder sons and pupils, and his wife’s talent as a singer, were a farther source of strength to the Society, whose direction undoubtedly made these years the happiest in Bach’s life. The book was published in February ; it was announced, with a slightly differently worded title-page, in the ‘ New Monthly Magazine and Universal Register ‘ for March p.

Occasionally and exceptionally a solo stop may be used in a Trio, etc. Had it been in use in Bach’s birthday would be March It was a frequent theme of conversation and correspondence between us.