Furuno USA Inc Automatic Identification Systems . Installation Manual CLASS A AIS Model FA PRODUCT NAME: U-AIS TRANSPONDER SAFETY .. For FA to FA retrofits, use the optional replacement kit (OP). .. File Type: PDF File Type Extension: pdf MIME Type: application/pdf PDF Version: FA OPERATORS MANUAL details for FCC ID ADB9ZWFA made by Furuno USA Inc. Document Includes User Manual OPERATORS MANUAL. FURUNO will assume no responsibility for the damage caused by improper use or The FURUNO AIS (Automatic Identification System) model FA or FA- Note: The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, and.

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On the otherhand excessive sensitivity yields too much background noise; strong targets maybe missed because of the poor contrast between desired echoes and thebackground noise on the display.

If you cannot turn on the power,first check the fuse. Formattingprepares the recording surface of the card for use with the system, and deletesall data recorded in the memory card.

Roll the scrollwheel to select OFF, 1 or 2 as appropriate, referring to the tablebelow. TT target number automatically assigned to corresponding ship’strack on the plotter display. The file name is composed of a single alphabet, the file type, andseven alphanumeric characters, the file number. Find the cause of the trouble before replacing the fuse. MMSI is a good thing but it is a con because it costs just as much fa-50 send it back as to buy a new one. If the ship has no IMO number, enter nine zeroes.


The twoEBLs can be distinguished filetyp each other by the different lengths of theirdashes; the dashes on the No. Should thishappen, cancel tracking of less important targets or perform manual acquisition. Note that the normal radar picture is lostduring this test.

This mode is fi,etype when the radar is interfaced with a gyrocompass. Push the left button to lowerthe range; the right button to raise the range.

Look for a build-up of dirt on the metal rollers. Left-click the MENU box. Use the trackball to select the MARK box at the left side of the screen.

Furuno FA – RCOM Marine Equipment

When the range closes so that the fast sweep responses are seen also, the firstof these will be no more than meters beyond the true position. Beabsolutely sure you want to erase all map marks and lines — erased marks andlines cannot be restored. Push the right button to open the MARK menu. Enter various courses and speeds until a dangerous situation is resolved.

Flashing stops after losttarget alarm is acknowledged. The test does not require echo, gyro or log signals. Furunk go to page 2, select 0 NEXT. Radar resolutionThere are two important factors in radar resolution discrimination: Put the cursor in any one of the four trial maneuverrelated boxes and operate applicable control.

The actual number of filetye visible may be less depending on lineinterval. Maximum range scale in use4. Use the trackball to put the cursor where you want to inscribe furjno waypointmark then push the left button to inscribe the mark.


Select appropriate radar antenna height above the waterline.

To go to a next page select 0 NEXT. The ringsare the concentric solid circles on the display. Generally, the amount of rain, TX pulse length and TXfrequency are factors in determining how the detection range is affected.

Day, 01 to 31 UTC 3. Put the cursor on the point you want to measure the range and bearing andpush the left button. Recommendations on charter in The procedure I posted will allow the change. However, they are displayed in text form. The system stores up to 20 AIS messages. Crew Wanted Crew Available. Set items as appropriate, referring the description below. Manually acquires a target.

Referto the description below and the illustration on the next page. Number of fill-bits, 0 to Note that targets that have been activated automatically cannot be”slept. This function outputs event mark position. You may remove targets by distance from own ship, speed,class and length. For that reason you may want to adjust the recording interval toconserve the memory.

Clean the ball with a soft, lint-free cloth, then blow carefully into the ball-cageto dislodge dust and lint.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

All AIS symbols shown in same size. The symbol of the corresponding AIStarget is shown in dotted lines. Origin mark symbols 8.