FVWM is an ICCCM-compliant multiple virtual desktop window .. it is also possible to manually set a size using the Geometry command. This chapter contains the manual pages for the FVWM Virtual Window With fvwm’s virtual desktop, windows which do not appear on the screen do not actually. Fvwm provides both a large virtual desktop and multiple disjoint desktops which can be used separately or together. The virtual desktop allows you to pretend.

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FVWM Cookbook FAQ

With the opposite option PopdownDelayed the sub menu only pops down after the time specified with the PopdownDelay option. To create a tear off menu without opening the normal menu, add the option TearOffImmediately. See man page of xdpyinfo for a list of supported visuals. Menu Navigation Menus can be navigated either with the keyboard or with the mouse.

The state is a number ranging from 0 to Moreover, in this case the -A and -S options are forced. Delayed Execution of Commands Note: The top, side, and bottom bars are collectively known as the side-bars.

This built-in takes a slightly different form when used to bind a sub-menu into a menu than it does when binding the main menu to a key or mouse button.

PopupAsSubmenu is the default. The ActiveColorset option overrides the specified color.

Note that some hardware can support two different depths on the same screen typically depth 8 and depth That is, if the user invokes the menu with a click action instead of a drag action, the menu stays up. All the above menu items are optional. Shading of windows to move titlebar in the same direction.


As an example the default locale path is: The optional argument bool is a boolean argument. If verbose is one or greater the palette used by fvwm is printed. Since this is a mmanual set of all other directions, it is a waste of time to specify this along with any other directions.

XineramaRoot the root window of the whole Xinerama screen.

FVWM Audio Client Manual Page

PopupOffset requires two integer arguments. This option can occur multiple times. Mouse 0 4 A Maximize 0 The following causes windows to be stretched to the full width Mouse 0 4 A Maximize 0 This makes a window that is half the screen size in each direction Mouse 0 4 A Maximize 50 50 Values larger than can be used with caution. Delete Sends a message to a window asking that it remove itself, frequently causing the application to exit.

MC2 although where some problems lie is in the differences between the current stable 2. Here is the complete list of all file locations queried in the default installation only the first found file is used: If arg1 is 2 or 3, then only windows on the current desktop will be shown. This may modify text placement, icon and window title height, line spacing in menus and FvwmIdent, but- ton height in some fvwm modules We’ll need a helper function for that, though:.

Build a menu of all. The arguments are the same as for the GotoDesk command.

FreeBSD Manual Pages

Backspace tears off the menu. The geometry technique mentioned above specifying x,y coordinates larger than the physical screen sizehowever, suffers from the limitation of being interpreted relative to the current viewport: Sticky windowname Sticky windows “stick to the screen’s glass.


This can sometimes lead to unwanted effects. The size of the virtual desktop is limited to about 32, by 32, pixels. The position arguments are the same as for Menu. It is left as an exercise for the user to decide manua, function make sense for initialization and which ones make sense for run-time.

Also note, all these special functions may be emulated now using Start- Function and ExitFunction, like this: This is a difficult task as there are no formal standards for this goal.

Icons can also be made to stick to the glass, if desired. SVG is a vector graphics image format. Selec- tOnRelease does not work on such a machine. Several distinct desktops can be accessed concept: Here we call an existing function, but it may be different.

Certain auxiliary information is also transmitted, as in the sample module GoodStuff. See the ManualPlacement description. PopupActiveArea requires an integer value between 51 and Fvwm defaults to synchronized requests when started with the –debug option. DefaultColors [ foreground background ] DefaultColors sets the default foreground and background colors used in miscellaneous windows created by fvwm, for example in the geometry feedback windows during a move or resize operation.

You may want to use the SidePic option of the MenuStyle command instead. Note mznual the FvwmTaskBar module has its own catalog and that the FvwmScript module has a set of special instructions for string translation. This is the default.